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14 January, 1771


On 14 January, 1771, James Cook wrote about the previous week. “We were employ'd Wooding and watering being frequently interrup[t]ed by heavy rains; having now compleated both we hoisted in the Long boat and made ready to put to Sea, having on board a pretty good stock of refreshments which we purchasd from the Natives, such as Turtle, Fowles, Fish, Two species of Dear, one about as big as a small Sheep, the other no bigger then a Rabbit; both sorts eat very well, but are only for present use as they seldom lived above 24 hours in our possesion. We likewise got fruit of several sorts, such as Coca nutts, Plantains, Limes &ca. The Trade on our part was carried on chiefly with mony (Spanish Dollars) the natives set but little Value upon any thing else, such of our people as had not this article traded with old Shirts &ca at a great disadvantage”.


Joseph Banks wrote “It was resolvd to sail tomorrow, which the natives had been informd of yesterday, so they brought down rather more turtle than usual. My Fever returnd, but I resolvd not to atempt to cure it till in the main Ocean I should meet with a better air than this uncleard Island could possibly have.

In the Eve after my fit I went ashore to the king, to whoom time after time I had made small presents altogether not of 5 shillings value, carrying 2 Qrs of Paper, which as he had done every thing else he most thankfully receivd. We had much conversation, the purport of which was his asking why the English ships did not touch here as they had usd to do; I told him that as they had not on the Island Turtle enough to supply one ship the[y] could not expect many, but advisd him to breed Cattle, Sheep and Buffaloes, which advise however he did not seem much to approve.

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