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14 January, 1770


On 14 January, 1770, James Cook wrote “At 5 AM steer'd SEBS the land inclineing more southerly, but half an hour after we saw land bearing SWBS which we haule'd up for, at this time the weather was squally attended with showers of rain. At Noon had a steady fresh breeze at WBN and Clowdy weather; the SW extremity of the land in sight bore So 63° West and some high land which makes like an Island [Kapiti] lying under the Main bore SSE distant 5 Leagues: The bottom of the Bay we are now in, and which bears from us south, we cannot see, altho it is very clear in that quarter... At 8 PM we were within 2 Leagues of the land we discover'd in the morning... between this land or Island and Cape Egmont is a very broad and deep Bay or Inlet the SW side of which we are now upon, and here the land is of a considerable height distinguished by hills and Vallies and the shore seems to form several Bays into one of which I intend to go with the Ship in order to Careen her (she being very foul) and to repair some few defects, recrute our stock of Wood, Water, &ca”.


Joseph Banks wrote “In a large bay... We stood across it all day: at night had the appearance of a harbour just ahead of us on the shore of which the natives made a fire: resolvd to stand off and on all night and in the morn go in”.

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