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14 August, 1769


On 14 August, 1769, James Cook wrote “hoisted out the Pinnace and sent Lieutt Gore Mr Banks and Tupia to endeavour to land upon the Island [Rurutu]... not that I intended to anchor or make any stay here... the Pinnace return'd on board without landing, not but what it was practicable but they did not think it altogether safe with only one boat as it would have been attended with some danger on account of the surff and rocks upon the shore”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Close under the land: a boat was sent from the ship in which Dr Solander and myself took a passage, she rowd right in for the land on which several natives appeard armd with long lances... We had opend a large bay at the bottom of which we saw another body of men armd like the former; here we hopd to land and pushd towards the place... After leaving these unhospitable people we Stood to the Southward as usual and had in the evening a great dew which wetted every thing... We have now seen 17 Islands in these Seas and been ashore upon 5 of the most principal ones”.

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