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14 April, 1769


On 14 April, 1769, James Cook wrote “I took two Boats and went to the Westward all the Gentlemen being along with me, my design was to see if there was not a more comm[o]dious Harbour, and to try the disposission of the Natives... notwithstanding the care we took Dr [Daniel] Solander and Dr [William Brougham] Munkhouse [the surgeon] had each of them their pockets pick’d the one of his spy glass and the other of his snuff Box”.  One of the chiefs “sent people out after them and it was not long before they were return’d... about 6 oClock in the evening we return’d on board very well satisfied with our little excursion”.

Joseph Banks wrote “This morn several Canoas came on board among which were two in which were people who by their dress and appearance seemd to be of a rank superior to those who we had seen yesterday. These we invited to come on board and on coming into the Cabbin each singled out his freind, one took the Captn and the other me, they took off a large part of their cloaths and each dress’d his freind with them he took off: in return for this we presented them with each a hatchet and some beads”.

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