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13 September, 1768


On 13 September, 1768, James Cook wrote “Stood nearer the Shore” and anchored in 15 fathoms.  “Employ’d setting up the Rigging Fore & Aft”.

According to James Mario Matra Endeavour was at first driven away from shore by wind and tide.  “Soon after we received two shots from the Loo Fort, the commandant imagining it was our intention to depart from the island without making the usual reports; and by this transaction he forfeited the compliment of a salute, usually paid by foreign ships of war to all fortifications.  At length however we anchored again in fifteen fathom water; and the British consul soon after waited on the governor to complain of the indignity we had received, for which an apology was made, and the consul was assured that the officer who had misbehaved should ask pardon of Captain Cooke if he required it, but this was declined.

Joseph Banks recorded the arrival of “the boat from the oficers of health who must give leave before any ships crew can land… we immediately went on shore in the town of Fonchiale, the Capital of the Island… calld so from the Fennel which grows in plenty upon the rocks in its neighbourhood and which is calld Funcho in the Portugese Language.  Here we immediately went to the house of the English Consul Mr Cheap… Leave was procurd by him for us to search the Island for whatever natural productions we might find worth taking notice of, people were also employd to procure for us fish and shells which we could not have spard time to have collected ourselves,”. 

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