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13 October, 1769


On 13 October, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 5 AM a breeze springing northerly we weigh'd and steer'd in for the land. The shore here forms a very large Bay of which Portland is the NE point and the bay above mentioned is an arm of it. I would gladly have examined this arm because there appear'd to be safe Anchorage in it but as I was not certain of this and the wind being right on end I did not care to spend time in turning up to it... The land near the shore is of a moderate height with white clifts and sandy beaches - inland are several pretty high mountains and the whole face of the country appears with a very hilly surface and for the most part covered with wood and hath all the appearences of a very pleasent and fertile country... Kept runing down along shore at the distance of two or 3 Miles off... We saw some canoes or boats in shore and several houses upon the land, but no harbour or convenient watering place, the main thing we were looking for”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Before noon we were almost surrounded with land; that nearest us made in green hills without the white Clifts which we have generaly seen... Towards evening stood in for a place that had the appearance of an opening which provd no harbour so stood off again with a pleasant breeze”.

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