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13 March, 1769


On 13 March, 1769, James Cook wrote “First part a Steady fresh gale, the remainder little wind and fine clear weather”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Almost calm to day tho not quite enough for going out in the boat. I saw a tropick bird for the first time hovering over the ship but flying very high; if my eyes did not deceive me it differd from that describd by Linnaeus, Phaeton aethereus, in having the long feathers of his tail red and his crissum black. Towards even set the servants to work with a dipping net who took Mimus volutator and Phyllodoce velella, both exactly the same as those we have seen in the Atlantick ocean”.

The bird was the red-tailed tropicbird (Phaethon rubricauda).
He previously recorded the hydrozoa Phyllodoce velella on 13 October, 1768.

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