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12 October, 1769


On 12 October, 1769, James Cook wrote “two Canoes came off to the ship one of which was prevaild upon to come a long side to take in the three people we had had on board all night who now seem'd glad of the oppertunity to get a shore... we were a breast of [a] point of land... I have named Cape Table on account of its shape and figure... it is of a moderate height makes in a sharp angle and appears to be quite flat at top... a small Island (being the Southermost land in sight)... I have named Isle of Portland on account of its very great resemblance to Portland in the English Channell... In hauling round the south end of Portland we fell into shoal water and broken ground which we however soon got clear of”.

Joseph Banks wrote “In sailing along shore we could clearly see several spots of land cultivated, some fresh turnd up and laying in furrows like ploughd land, others with plants growing upon them some younger and some older... About dinner time the ship was hauling round an Island calld by the inhabitants Teahoa, by us Portland, the ship on a sudden came into very broken ground which alarmd us all a good deal; the officers all behavd with great steadyness and in a very short time we were clear of all dangers... At night the ship came to an anchor; many fires were kept up on shore possibly to shew us that our freinds there were too much upon their guard to be surprizd”.

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