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12 November, 1770


On 12 November, 1770, James Cook wrote “in the AM began to get ready to heave out the other [side]”.


Joseph Banks wrote “Dr Solander, who had not yet intirely taken to his bed, returnd from airing this even extreemly ill; he went to bed immediately, I sat by him, and soon observd symptoms which alarmd me very much. I sent immeddiately for Our Physician Dr Jaggi, who apply’d sinapisms [mustard plasters] to his feet and blisters to the calves of his legs, but at the same time gave me little or no hopes of even the possibility of his living till Morning. Weak as I was I sat by him till morn, when he chang’d very visibly for the better; I then slept a little and waking found him still better than I had any reason to hope”.

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Kokopu2000, you will find an account of the River Thames in November 1969 on this website at
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interested in cook 1769 november river thames new zealand
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