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12 July, 1771


On 12 July, 1771, James Cook wrote “Winds at SW a fresh gale with which we Run briskly up Channell... At 6 AM pass'd Beachy head at the distance of 4 or 5 Miles, and at 10 Dungenness at the distance of 2 Miles and at Noon we were abreast of Dover... At 3 oClock in the PM Anchor'd in the Downs, & soon after I landed in order to repair to London”.

Beachy Head is near Eastbourne, Sussex.  Dungeness is a headland on the coast of Kent.  Dover is further east.  The Downs is an anchorage for ships off the east coast of Kent, near the port of Deal.


Joseph Banks wrote “At 3 O’Clock landed at Deal [in Kent, a convenient landing place for passengers for London]”.


According to the ship’s log, “Came on board Jno Hudson pilot & took charge of the ship found here a great many Merchant ships.  The Captain Mr Banks & Dr Solander went a shore... At 7 pm Anchor’d here his Majesty’s ship Sea Horse”.

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