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12 January, 1770


On 12 January, 1770, James Cook wrote “At Noon had the winds very Variable with dark clowdy weather attended with excessive heavy showers of rain, at this time we were about 3 Leagues from the shore which lies under the peaked Mountain before mentioned, this Peak we did not see it being hid in the Clowds... After it was dark saw a fire upon the shore a sure sign that the Country is inhabited. In the night had some Thunder Lightning, and rain”.


Joseph Banks wrote “This morn we were abreast of the great hill but it was wrappd up in clouds and remaind so the whole day; it is probably very high as a part of its side which was for a moment seen was coverd with snow. The countrey beyond it appeard very pleasant and fertile, the sides of the hills sloping gradualy; with our glasses we could distinguish many white lumps in companies of 50 or 60 together which probably were either stones or tufts of grass but bore much the resemblance of flocks of sheep. At night a small fire which burnd about ½ an hour made us sure that there were inhabitants of whoom we had seen no signs since the 10th”.

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