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11 October, 1769


On 11 October, 1769, James Cook wrote “At 6 AM we weigh'd and stood out of the Bay which I have named Endeavour Bay”.  This name was then crossed out, and replaced with “Poverty Bay because it afforded us no one thing we wanted”.  A few hours later Cook wrote “At Noon the SW Point of Poverty Bay (which I have named Young Nicks head after the Boy who first saw this land) bore NBW distant 3 or 4 Leagues, being at this time a bout 3 Miles from the shore and had 25 fathom, the Main land extending from NEBN to South.
My intention is to fowlow the direction of the Coast to the Southward as far as the Latitude of 40° or 41° and then to return to the northward in case we meet with nothing to incourage us to proceed farther...
In the afternoon while we lay becalm'd several Canoes came off to the Ship but kept at a distance untill one who appear'd to come from a different part came off and put along side at once and after her all the rest. The people in this boat had heard of the treatment those had met with we had had on board before and therefore came on board without hesitation. They were all kindly treated and very soon enter'd into a traffick with our people for George Island [Tahitian] Cloth &ca giving in exchange their paddles (having little else to dispose of) and hardly left themselves a Sufficient number to paddle a shore, nay the People in one Canoe after disposing of the Paddles offer'd to sell the Canoe. After a stay of about two hours they went away. but by some means or a nother three was were left on board and not one boat would put back to take them in and what was more surprising those on board did not seem at all uneasy with their situation”.

Joseph Banks wrote “We took our leave of Poverty bay with not above 40 species of Plants in our boxes, which is not to be wonderd at as we were so little ashore and always upon the same spot; the only time we wanderd about a mile from the boats was upon a swamp where not more than 3 species of Plants were found...
several Canoes put off from shore and came towards us within less than a quarter of a mile but could not be persuaded to come nearer, tho Tupia exerted himself very much shouting out and promising that they should not be hurt. At last one was seen coming from Poverty bay or near it, she had only 4 people in her, one who I well rememberd to have seen at our first interview on the rock: these never stopd to look at any thing but came at once alongside of the ship and with very little persuasion cam[e] on board; their example was quickly followd by the rest 7 Canoes in all and 50 men. They had many presents given to them notwithstanding which they very quickly sold almost every thing that they had with them, even their Cloaths from their backs and the paddles out of their boats; arms they had none except 2 men, one of whom sold his patoo patoo as he calld it, a short weapon of green talk... intended doubtless for fighting hand to hand and certainly well contrivd for splitting sculls as it weigh[s] not less than 4 or 5 pounds and has sharp edges excellently polishd.


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