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10 July, 1769


On 10 July, 1769, James Cook wrote “The 2 Marines not returning this morning I began to enquire after them & and was inform'd by some of the Natives that they were gone to the Mountains & that they had got each of them a Wife and & would not return... a resolution was taken to seize upon as many of the Chiefs and as we could, this was thought to be the readiest method to induce the other natives to produce that the two men... We had no sooner taken [some] Chiefs into Custody in Mr Banks’s Tent, than they became as desireous of having the men brought back as they were before of keeping them...  I dispatch’d Mr Hicks away in the Long boat with a Strong party of men... he recover’d the men without the least opposission and return’d with them about 7 oClock

Joseph Banks wrote “We are told by the Indians this morn that our people do not intend to return; they are they say gone up into the mountains where our people cannot get at them and one is already married and become an inhabitant of Otahite... We were now quite ready for the sea so no time was to be lost in recovering the deserters... About 8 our Indians came back with the two deserters”.

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