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1 June, 1770


On 1 June, 1770, James Cook wrote “7 o'Clock AM... we got again under sail and Stood to the NW with a fresh breeze at SSE and fair weather, having the Main land in sight and a number of Islands all round us some of which lay out at Sea as far as we could see. The Western Inlet before mentioned [is] known in the Chart by the name of Broad Sound... A Point of Land which forms the NW entrance into Broad Sound.. I have nam'd Cape Palmerston. We stood to the NW and NWBN as the land lay under an easy sail, having a boat ahead sounding... At 8 oClock being about two Leagues from the Main Land we anchor'd in 11 fathom sandy bottom”.

Henry Temple, 2nd Viscount Palmerston, was a Lord of the Admiralty.


Joseph Banks wrote “In the night it raind and at times blew strong not much to our satisfaction who were in a situation not very desirable, as if our anchor should come home or cable break we had nothing to expect but going ashore on some one or other of the shoals which lay roundus. The night passd however without the least accident, and at day light in the morn the anchor was got up and we proceeded, in hopes of getting out of our Archipelago. By noon we got in with the main land, which made hilly and barren; on it were some smoaks. In the Evening the weather settled fine and we saild along shore; at night came to an Anchor. Tupia complaind this evening of swelld Gums; he had it seems had his mouth sore for near a fortnight, but not knowing what cause it proceeded from did not complain. The Surgeon [William Brougham Munkhouse] immediately put him upon taking extract of Lemons in all his drink”.

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