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1 December, 1769


On 1 December, 1769, James Cook wrote “I sent some people a shore upon the Island to cut Grass for our Sheep... Punished Mathw Cox with half a Dozn lashes and then dismissed him”.

Joseph Banks wrote “Several Canoes were on board by Day break and sold some things cheifly for Indian Cloth and quart bottles. The day misty and stewy: the boats were on shore on the Island which we searchd on the 29th with so little success that we did not think it worth while to go ashore”.

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Banks wrote in his journal on 14 November that "an English gentleman Mr Forster by name a Leutenant in The Portugese service" visited Endeavour, and helped them.
In November 1771, he wrote to Banks from Lisbon, Portugal, when he described himself as a lieutenant in the regiment of Estermoz.
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Well done with your daily narrative on the 1768 sailing. Banks' remark on the 1st December has me really stumped
“This Morn our boat returning from shore brought us the very disagreable news that Mr [Thomas] Forster… was taken into custody chargd with having smuggled things ashore from our ship: this charge tho totaly without foundation”.

Surely the Forsters were not on this voyage?? Also there is no crew with the same name coincidentally.

What do you think -- ??

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