The Endeavour replica


A replica of Cook's most famous ship, the Endeavour was made in Australia in the 1980s and 1990s. She has visited several countries since then.

There are many web sites on the Internet, which can be found via our Links page.

The story has also been followed in the pages of our journal Cook's Log.

The announcement
Construction progress report
Building progress report
Salvaging the project
Endeavour to visit Whitby
Project at an exciting stage
Last deck plank laid
Mementoes for sale
A review of the first five years
Building specifications
Postcards available
First ocean trial
Leaving Fremantle
Fremantle to Sydney
Botany Bay re-enactment
Port Macquarie and Brisbane
On the east coast of Australia
Visit to New Zealand (illustrated with photographs)
New Zealand Tour
Across the Tasman Sea
Plans for the trip from Australia to the British Isles
Revised schedule of visits to Britain
Departure from Fremantle for Britain
Australia to Britain
Plans for tour of the British Isles
Arrival in Britain
Sailing aboard from Greenwich to Great Yarmouth
Visiting Boston, UK
My experience as a guide
Sailing aboard from Whitby to Edinburgh
Visiting Plymouth
Visiting Brighton
Whitby refit (illustrated with photographs)
Hull refit
Visiting Inverness
Visiting Brunswick
Visiting Wilmington
Visiting Boston, USA (illustrated with photographs)
Sailing aboard from Newport, Rhode Island to Boston
Sailing aboard from Bath, Maine to Halifax, Nova Scotia (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting San Diego, California (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting Victoria, Vancouver
Visiting Victoria, British Columbia (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting Hawaii (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting Nelson, New Zealand (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting Darling Harbor, Sydney, Australia (illustrated with photographs)
From Mornington to Portland, Australia (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting the Falkland Islands (illustrated with photographs)
Arrival in Britain (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting Cork, Ireland (illustrated with photographs)
Visiting Harwich, UK (illustrated with photographs)
From Lowestoft in the UK to Scheveningen in The Netherlands
2003 UK Trip Remembered (illustrated with photographs)
2003 UK Trip Remembered - More photos (illustrated with photographs)
Sailing across the North Sea (illustrated with photographs)
Leaving Europe for Australia (illustrated with photographs)
Return to Australia
In Sydney Harbour (illustrated with photographs)
First Wedding (illustrated with photographs)
Bound for Botany Bay (illustrated with photographs)

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