Cook's Ships


Captain Cook's most famous ship is Endeavour, in which he sailed on his First Voyage round the world.
On his Second Voyage he sailed in Resolution accompanied by Adventure.
And on his Third Voyage he sailed in Resolution, again, accompanied this time by Discovery.
The names of these four ships are said, by some, to summarise Cook's own character. But they weren't the only vessels he had commanded, nor in which he had sailed. There was Eagle, Pembroke and Grenville, whilst he was in the Navy, and Freelove and Three Brothers, amongst others, whilst he was learning the ropes before that.

Freelove Cook's first taste of life at sea was in this collier

Discovery The support vessel on the Third Voyage. The smallest of Cook's Pacific ships

Adventure Sailed on Cook's Second Voyage, captained by Tobias Furneaux.

Resolution Cook sailed in her twice, but with different escort vessels

Endeavour Only vessel on Cook's First Voyage.  Not a ship but a Bark.

A table of Cook's Voyages In Whitby Ships The vessels he sailed in, when and why before he joined the Royal Navy in 1755 ...

A table of Cook's ships in the Royal Navy Names.  Dates.  Roles.  Captains.  1755 to 1779

A table of the crew of Cook's Three Voyages 1768-1779 The officers and persons who played significant roles during the three voyages ...

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 1 A replica of Endeavour planned for Stockton

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 2 Progress of plans for a replica of Endeavour at Stockton

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 4 The hull of the replica arrives at Stockton

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 3 Contracts to build the replica for Stockton have been signed

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 5 The steel hulled replica Endeavour has been launched at Stockton.

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 6 Fitting out is progressing well on the Endeavour replica at Stockton

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 7 A formal ceremony at Castlegate Quay, Stockton, for Endeavour replica

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 8 Stockton's replica of Endeavour to be sold at auction

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 9 Stockton's Endeavour replica was sold at auction in August 2017

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 10 Stockton's Endeavour replica is preparing for her move to Whitby

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 11 Stockton’s Endeavour Replica Moves to Whitby

Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 12 Endeavour replica, formerly in Stockton, now in Whitby

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