A HolonCom Website


This web site is a development of HolonCom.

We wanted to support the Captain Cook Society with what we are good at, building solid websites. As a member of the Captain Cook Society we share a mutual intrest with the other members. How one man and his crew can sail into the unknown without the modern comfort we know now, is incredible. It astonishes us that the many members of the Captain Cook Society are still interested in everything related to Cook, and the effort is inspiring. We are honoured to support this.

HolonCom is a Belgian webdevelopment agency based in Antwerp. All our websites are developed with the Open Source CMS DNN Software. With this CMS We provide:

a) DNN setup and configuration services
b) DNN skinning
c) DNN consulting
d) DNN development

We are specialised in speed optimization, DNNarticle setup and configuration, NBstore setup and configuration and usability boosting.

Our design team offers lay-out service as Corporate Identity (logo, enveloppes, letters, ...) and print services (folders, affiches, flags, ..). Of course we also make (also for this website) the look and feel for websites, webshops, newsletters and all other relevant digital designs.

Our technical team offers configuration of existing modules, customized modules or webbased software.

All our websites are hosted in own management in a datacenter in Brussels. We provide webhosting, dedicated services and cloud solutions. We also offer Office Everywhere, this is a solution to have your documents and mails always with you (as long as you have an internet connection).

Unsolicited e-mail warning

It has come to our attention that spam mailers (senders of bulk unsolicited e-mail) have been forging their mail with this domain as the point of origin. As a matter of policy, we do not send out e-mail from our domain name. If you have received an email that appears to be from "@CaptainCookSociety.com" it was forged and sent without our consent, knowledge, or the use of our servers.