Articles in Terra Incognitae

Year Issue Pages Author Title
1994 Vol. 26 37-47 Cuppage, Francis E.
Peterson, M.
Wagner, J.
Miller, J.B.
and Cherikoff, V.
James Cook's Eighteenth Century Prevention of Scurvy by the Use of Indigenous Plants as Dietary Supplements
1998 Vol. 30 63-71 David, Andrew James Cook's 1762 Survey of St. John's Harbour and Adjacent Parts of Newfoundland
2000 Vol. 32 31-54 Alexei Postnikov The Search for a Sea Passage from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific via North America’s Coast: On the History of a Scientific Competition

Updated: May 2003


On 20 January, 1769, the small Kedge anchor was lost when a buoy rope broke

On 19 January, 1769, Joseph Banks rued the high swell still preventing him from going ashore for the last two days

On 18 January, 1769, strong wind, snow, hail and rain prevented the boats from landing

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