Articles in National Geographic Magazine

Year Issue Pages Author Title
1927 Jan., vol. 51, no. 1 84-108 and 125-132 Hildebrand, J.R. The Columbus of the Pacific
1943 Sep. Atwood, Albert W. Revealing Earth's Mightiest Ocean (Pacific)
1971 Sep., vol. 140, no. 3 297-349 Villiers, Alan Captain Cook: the Man Who Mapped the Pacific
1983 Nov., vol. 164, no. 5 558-599 Levathes, Louise E. Kamehameha: Hawaii's Warrior King
1996 Nov., vol. 190, no. 5 28-53 Watkins, T.H. and
Wolinsky, Cary
Sir Joseph Banks. the Greening of the Empire

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Articles on Robert Craig, Astronomer’s Rock, Nootka Sound, Banks’s Expedition to Iceland, Colchester

Articles on Anonymous American Patriot, Batts, Blackburns and Whitby, Cook in Barcelona, Whitsunday Memorials

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