Coins & Medals


Introduction In 1983 Allan Klenman published his book "Faces of Captain Cook: A record of the coins and medals of James Cook", ISBN 0-9690755-1-0. Several medals and coins have been issued since then and, although Allan is working on a new edition, this section contains details of the ones that we know about.
1969 New Zealand
$1 variety
No Hyphen in "BI CENTENNIAL" Edge Mark
1970 Australia
50c Unc. Specimen Strike in Red Case
1983 New Zealand
$1 coinage issue in Proof Silver & Unc. Nickel
1992 New Zealand
25th Anniversary coinage issue, $5 Proof Silver and Unc. 75% Copper 25% Nickel
1992 New Zealand
$5 Expo 92, Unc. Capt. Cook in set of 4 explorers.
1988 Australia
Bruny Island Tasmania, Museum. Very crude medal, obverse supposed to be the Endeavour but there is nothing on the medal to indicate this.
1978 Great Britain
Captain Cook Birthplace Museum. Obverse Cottage "Birthplace Museum Opened 1978 - Birthplace Cottage Marton". Reverse Captain Cook and legend "Captain James Cook 1728-1779". Bronze Gilt - 37mm.
Updated: 30 November 1996

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