We offer two types of membership: full-rate and half-rate

Full-rate means a paper copy of our journal, Cook's Log, is posted to you and you can download an electronic version.
Half-rate entitles you to just download the electronic version of our journal.

To join at full-rate, print a copy of our full-rate membership form and post it to us.
To join at half-rate, print a copy of our half-rate membership form and post it to us.

Send the form with your payment (rates are below) to one of our agents in Australia, Canada, New Zealand or USA, or to the Secretary in the United Kingdom.  All of their postal addreses are on the forms.

All of these people can also be contacted by email.

For the Secretary in the United Kingdom,

For our agent in the USA,
     Email: Email warning

For our agent in New Zealand,

For our agent in Canada,
     Email: Email warning

For the Australian branch,

Subscription rates, payable once a year: full-rate (and half-rate)
GBP     £20.00   (  £10.00)
USD   US$24.00   (US$12.00)
NZD   NZ$40.00   (NZ$20.00)
CAN    C$31.00   ( C$15.50)
AUS   AU$45.00   (AU$31.00)

Existing members can print a copy of our full-rate renewal form or half-rate renewal form
We regret that credit card payment is not accepted, but you can pay for several years at the same time.

Unsolicited e-mail warning

It has come to our attention that spam mailers (senders of bulk unsolicited e-mail) have been forging their mail with this domain as the point of origin. As a matter of policy, we do not send out e-mail from our domain name. If you have received an email that appears to be from "" it was forged and sent without our consent, knowledge, or the use of our servers.