The Crews of Cook's Third Voyage
Resolution and Discovery 1776-1780

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Cliff Thornton
Hello John T, thank you for your enquiry. The Captain Cook Society website has a short family tree giving the ancestry of Charles Clerke. You can find it online at,%20Charles.pdf Unfortunately the generations after Charles Clarke have not been examined, so I do not think that you will find the answer that you are looking for here. Have you looked on the Ancestry website, there are several trees containing Charles Clerke, but I do not know if they contain the answer that you are seeking. Good Luck with your quest.
John Frederick Herbert Clerke
Family rumours say Clerke’s’ in Australia somewhere related to Captain Charles Clerke. Our research goes back to a Thomas Clerke (1772 - ?.) m . Sarah Bennet 1775-1849. Question I have is did any of Cpt. Charles Clerke’s brothers (Joseph, William or Thomas) have a son named Thomas (1772-?) Many Thanks John T