James Trevenen (1760-1790)

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Ian Boreham
I have corrected the Wikipedia entry for James Trevenen so it now gives the correct date of his death as 9 July, 1790, as stated in his obituary published in August 1790.
John Robson
Both A Memoir of James Trevenen (edited by Christopher Lloyd, Navy Records Society. 1959) and the entry in Volume 57 of the old Dictionary of National Biography, 1885-1900, give his death as on 09 July 1790. That’s good enough for me. Always be careful with Wikipedia and Google – you don’t always know who contributed the information.
Jonathan Alms
Dear John, I read your piece about James Trevenen with great interest, as my family are descendants of James and his siblings. My mother was Elizabeth Trevenen (carrying on the many Elizabeths over the generations), but sadly she was one of two sisters, so the Trevenen name has finished in this line (apart from my cousins who have added it as an additional Christian name). You have written some very detailed notes about his life, and I was wondering what your sources were for these details. I also spotted a discrepancy on his date of death between your version and on Wikipedia, where it is written as 9th August. I'm not sure who wrote the Wikipedia script. Thank you so much for recording all this information about James - it is fascinating to read about my ancestor! With best wishes, Jonathan Alms (PS as a naval historian, my family name, Alms, might also be of interest to you!) JJA