James Cook's Journals


Cook's Journals contain remarkable accounts of his many discoveries. We've included a small selection of extracts taken from many hundreds of pages:
September 1773 (off the island of Huahine);
March 1774 (off Easter Island);
August 1774 (off the island of Espiritu Santo).

1755 to 1756 (his first voyages after joining the navy)

1772 to 1779 (Second and Third World Voyages)


Updated: October 2010


Articles on Captain Cook and Endeavour in LEGO, James Jones and John James, Undiscovery: Writing a Dissertation

Articles on William Perry, Cook Statue at Randwick, St. Alban’s (Ship Cove), Cook and Krakatoa

Articles on Alexander Shaw’s Remarkable Tapa Book, Bellingshausen on Cook, Edward Riou’s Journal

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