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Ralph Jackson’s diary - Part 1: Introduction
Ralph Jackson, a country squire living in Cleveland. An introduction to him and his diaries.

Ralph Jackson’s diary - Part 2: Patronage
The light Ralph Jackson`s diary sheds on patronage in Cleveland and elsewhere.

Ralph Jackson’s diary - Part 3: William Sanderson of Staithes
Ralph Jackson's diary contains many and varied references to Sanderson and shows that he was far from being just a shopkeeper.

Ralph Jackson’s diary - Part 3a: Comments on William Sanderson
Reg Firth's comments on part 3 of this series of articles.

Ralph Jackson’s diary - Part 4: Commodore William Wilson of Great Ayton
Commodore William Wilson was an early patron and steadfast friend of James Cook.

Ralph Jackson’s diary - Part 5: Richard Pickersgill
Richard Pickersgill circumnavigated the world three times, in Dolphin, Endeavour and Resolution.

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