Water jet to Cook at Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, ACT, Australia

This memorial is in the form of a water jet, located in the lake, about 170 metres from the shoreline, and on the shore at Regatta Point, a terrestrial bronze globe sculpture in the form of an open cage, using the meridians of longitude and lines of latitude.   The globe is about 3 metres in diameter.   Land is depicted in beaten brass relief and copper, and other lines trace the routes of Cook’s voyages, which are described on the surrounding handrail.
The water jet reaches a height of 114 metres, and operates daily from  2-4 pm.  It is powered by two 560 kw electric motors, driving four pumps,

The memorial, constructed by the Australian Government, commemorates the bicentenary of James Cook’s discovery of the east coast of Australia in 1770.
The memorial was inaugurated by HM Queen Elizabeth II on 25th April, 1970.
The memorial was refurbished in 2017.

Around the rim of the handrail surrounding the sculpture:


There are also a number of plaques on the handrail describing the three voyages of Cook.

GPS Coordinates: -35.289627,  149.131086

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