Statue to Cook at Sheridan St, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Painted concrete statue, 10 metres high.
It is positioned on the opposite side of the road to number 225 Sheridan Street.

Originally made to stand outside the Captain Cook Motel in the 1972.  The motel has since been demolished.
Approval for this giant construction was approved by the Council, when one of its officers didn’t realise its dimensions had been given in metres, rather than imperial measurements.
The statue was put up for sale in 2006, and then repainted and repaired in 2007, as part of efforts to find a buyer.
In January 2017 the statue was still in position, when a sign with “Sorry” on was  hung on the statue, apparently in protest against European settlement, and Australia Day.


GPS Coordinates:  -16.920334, 145.770859

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