Statue to Cook at National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, UK

Bronze Statue by Anthony Stones, slightly over probable life size, facing forward, legs astride.  Size 1980cm x 800 cm x 675 cm.   Shown in Captain’s uniform with hat, left glove carried in gloved right hand.  Sword hangs to his left from a belt.  Head sculpted after portraits by Hodges and Dance.  Uniform after Webber portrait.

This statue was originally modelled as one of a set of seven Pacific explorers for the circular "Hall of Discovery" in the New Zealand pavilion at the Seville Expo of 1992.
There are two bronze metal versions of Cook, that at the NMM and another at Gisborne, New Zealand.
The NMM version was presented by (Sir) Arthur Weller, CBE in 1994 and first erected on a classical-pattern composite plinth south of the west colonnade in 1996.
Partly because English Heritage had only agreed this location as a temporary one, and because the original plinth proved visually unsatisfactory, the statue was relocated in 2003 to a new position inside the NMM gate to the Park looking up the Jubilee Avenue toward the Royal Observatory. The statue was put on a solid Portland stone plinth.
The statue was removed when the café was expanded.  Current location unknown.


Captain James Cook (1728-79)

Latitude/Longitude:   51.4811°N, 0.0055°W

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