Plaque to Cook at Mile End Road, London, UK

Slate plaque affixed to a brick wall on the site of 88 Mile End Road, Tower Hamlets, London E1 4UN.

Cook lived at Assembly Row (later 88 Mile End Road), which was demolished in 1959, despite having a London City Council Commemorative Plaque affixed to it in on Friday 4th October, 1907, over the top of the door.
In 1906 it was reported that the LCC had decided to affix a tablet to 88 Mile end road, which during Cook’s occupation, from 1764 when was then known as 7 Assembly row.
In 1880 the house was converted from a private dwelling house into business premises by the erection of a shop in the forecourt.
In 1959 88 Mile End Road was demolished, and the plaque is set in a brick wall between 86 and 90 Mile End road, behind which is a private car park.
The current slate plaque replaced the one of 1906, and was affixed by the Greater London Council in 1970.


The Left Section:

He surveyed the
Saint Lawrence River in 1759
In Three voyages 1768-1779
he charged the coasts of New Zealand,
the East Coast of Australia
and the Pacific Coast
of North America

The Centre Section:

On this site
stood a house occupied
for some years by
1728 – 1779
Circumnavigator and Explorer

The Right Section:

Erected by the
Greater London Council
to commemorate
the bicentenary of his
landing at Botany Bay
New South Wales
29th April 1770  29th April 1970

GPS Coordinates:   51.520239,  -0.052340

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