Statue of Cook at Parliament Buildings, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Description: The Parliament Buildings overlook the Inner Harbour in Victoria on Vancouver Island.  On the south eastern corner of the Buildings, on the outside of the library at the rear of the buildings are 14 figures, 9 ft high, pertinent to the history of British Columbia, including one of Captain Cook.

History: The Buildings were opened in 1898, and designed by Francis Rattenbury, who later designed a new library which was operational by 1915.
The figures were sculpted by Charles Carlos Marega (1871-1939), and his assistant Bernard Carrier.
Other figures include Chief Maquinna (who met Cook at Nootka), George Vancouver (who sailed with Cook), Sir Francis Drake, and (shown below) Sir James Douglas.

GPS Co-ordinates:  48.419617,  -123.370285

Cook’s Log, page 32, vol. 40, no. 1 (2017)

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