Stained glass window to Cook at Miegunyah, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

This window, illustrated with Captain James Cook’s ship HMB Endeavour, is in the hall of a private house, and was made in the early 1920s.
Above a scroll bearing the name “Endeavour” is a depiction of the vessel at sea.  Below the scroll is a medallion of the head of Captain Cook.   To the left of the medallion is a figure guarding a globe showing Australia, and on the right is a figure with a large compass.

The house, named ‘Miegunyah’,  in the suburb of Toorack, Melbourne, once belonged to Sir Russell Grimwade (1879-1955). 
The window was the work of Darryl Lindsay, one of the artist brothers, who was a friend of Sir Russell Grimwade.
I was Sir Russell who purchased the Cook family cottage at Great Ayton, England, as a gift to the Australian people.  The cottage was subsequently removed to Melbourne and rebuilt in the Fitzroy Gardens to commemorate the centenary of the State of Victoria in 1934.

Below the vessel in the window:


GPS Coordinates:  -37.813628,  144.963058

Cook’s Log, page 1299, vol.19, no.3 (1996)