Great Australian Clock at Queen Victoria Building, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Hanging in the northern side of the central dome of the building, the clock chimes on the hour and at half past the hour, it stands 10 metres tall and weighs 4 tonnes.
The clock depicts the history of Australia from the perspectives of both the Aboriginal and European settlers, it features 138 figures and a total of 33 scenes
An Aboriginal hunter figure represents the passage of time, it travels around the clock permanently.  As the figure circles, it activates many animations, and passes the illustrated scenes listed below:
-  Aborigines before European settlement.
-  Captain Cook landing in 1770
-  Second fleet landing 1790.
-  Crossing the Blue Mountains.
-  The taking of the children.
-  Corroboree.
-  Judgement of Myall Creek massacre
-  The black line, Tasmania, 1830.
-  Annual blessing Torres Strait islands
-  Eureka stockade.
-  Battlefields of 1861
-  Lords at London
-  Opening of Parliament 1901
-  Soldiers return to the outback 1945.
-  Unity 1999.
At a lower level, a small sailing ship is shown circling the exterior of the clock continuously.

This is the world’s largest turret clock.
The clock was designed and made by Chris Cook, it is animated, and took 4 years to complete, being installed in 2000.

Below the Captain Cook scene:

Captain Cook landing in 1770

GPS Coordinates:   -33.868820,  151.209296  


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