Voyages of Captain James Cook. 1999

Voyages of Captain James Cook
Curzon Press.
ISBN 0-7007-1149-X.

A facsimile of the published accounts of Cook's three voyages at the original quarto size and including the folio atlas. They comprise:
The three volumes by John Hawkesworth and published in 1773 under the title "An Account of the Voyages undertaken by order of his present Majesty for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, And successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, And Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, and the Endeavour: drawn up from the Journals which were kept by the several Commanders, And from the Papers of Joseph Banks Esq".
The two volumes by Cook and published in 1777 as "A Voyage towards the South Pole and Round the World, Performed in His Majesty's Ships the Resolution and Adventure, in the Years 1772, 1773, 1774, and 1775".
The three volumes and atlas by Cook and King and published in 1784 as "A Voyage towards the Pacific Ocean, Undertaken by the Command of His Majesty, for making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere. To determine the Position and Extent of the West Side of North America; its distance from Asia; and the Practicability of a Northern Passage to Europe. Performed under the direction of Captains Cook, Clerke and Gore, In His Majesty's Ships the Resolution and Discovery. In the Years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779 and 1780".

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1682, volume 22, number 4 (1999).

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