Time Under Sail Varzeliotis. A.N.T. 1998

Varzeliotis, A.N.T. 
Time Under Sail.
Alcyone Books.
ISBN 0-921081-10-3.

Attracted to this small hard-backed book by the colourful cover featuring Henry Roberts' watercolour of the Resolution and the reproduction of the four stamps issued by Great Britain to commemorate John Harrison's chronometer, I was delighted to find that the contents gave a succinct history of "Time under Sail" in just 100 pages.

Supported by lots of excellent black and white drawings and photographs, and the reproduction of many stamp designs linked to the subject, the reader is taken on a quick journey through an era when the quest for accurate time measurement reached a peak. The contents, illustrations list and index provide easy access to specific information and the excellent outlay and size of text make for easy reading.

Alwyn Peel

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1739, volume 23, number 2 (2000).

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