The Voyages of Captain Cook 1768-1779. Williams, Glyndwr. 1997

The Voyages of Captain Cook 1768-1779. Williams, Glyndwr. 1997

Williams, Glyndwr (ed).
The Voyages of Captain Cook 1768-1779.
The Folio Society.
Fifth in the series of Epics of Empire and Exploration

Glyn Williams has made his selections from the editions of John Hawkesworth (the authorised account of the first voyage, published in 1773) and John Douglas (the accounts of the second and third voyages - actually Cook's own work, "polished" by Douglas in 1777 and 1784). William's intention for this edition has been "to provide a continuous narrative for each voyage, while also giving due coverage to the more reflective passages in the journals", and his ultimate aim is brilliantly realised in an edition which is straightforward, uncluttered and readable.

The Folio edition is illustrated throughout - in black-and-white and colour - with engravings, paintings and drawings by the official artists of the voyages, William Hodges and John Webber, and by the engravers who interpreted their sketches back in England. (Many of the engravings are those that appeared in the first editions.) This new Folio volume is bound in full blue buckram, with a suitably nautical design by David Eccles blocked in gold and black.

With The Folio Society's usual flair for design, attention to detail and high standards of production, The Voyages of Captain Cook 1768-1779 is easily one of the most attractive and affordable editions of Cook's journals to be found today. Using the earliest available source texts, edited for the general reader, and designed to be gracefully legible, this is the ideal introduction to Captain Cook's voyages of discovery.

Ian Boreham

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1453, volume 20, number 4 (1997).

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