Sailing Endeavour. Petroff, Peter and Ferguson, John. 1994

Sailing Endeavour. Petroff, Peter and Ferguson, John. 1994

Peter Petroff and John Ferguson.
Sailing Endeavour: Including helpful extracts from the journal of James Cook, navigator".

This book is about life aboard the Endeavour Replica.

Introduced by Bruce Stannard, it has 68 superb photographs of the Replica, which give a real feel for what the original must have looked like. I was disappointed that there were none in colour, but I suppose that would have made the book quite expensive.

The accompanying text is short and snappy, and just right in explaining life aboard without getting bogged down in detail, and without using too much sailing jargon! There are separate sections called rain, wind & spray, the weather deck, masts & spars, the rigging, the sails, working the ship, make & mend, as well as one, of course, on James Cook, navigator.

Ian Boreham

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1274, volume 19, number 2 (1996).

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