Captain Cook Sailing off the Map. Scutt, Craig. 2008

Captain Cook Sailing off the Map. Scutt, Craig. 2008

Scutt, Craig.
Captain Cook Sailing off the Map.
Black Dog Books Publishing. 
ISBN 978-1-74203-014-2. 
90 pages.

Reading and interest level 8+.

This book is filled with colour illustrations and breakout boxes to capture the interest of children.

It narrates the three voyages of Captain Cook, and the fictional chapters engage the reader into the world of this common sailor who became a leader through his skill, courage and determination.

The book contains a time-line that spans from 1728 to 1780, and a four-page glossary.

Overall, it is an informative, engaging and well-presented book, ideal for educational use.

It is an excellent book for children to enjoy and learn about the life and times of James Cook and his voyages.

Ted Tierney

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 45, volume 34, number 1 (2011).

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