Captain Cook and the Endeavour. Lefroy, Mike. 2010

Captain Cook and the Endeavour. Lefroy, Mike. 2010

Lefroy, Mike, 
Captain Cook and the Endeavour.
Black Dog Books Publishing. 
ISBN 978-1-74203-128-6.
32 pages. 

Reading and interest level 7+

This book is a fascinating history of James Cook, his humble beginnings and visionary spirit. It is well illustrated with maps and scenes from his first voyage. It includes an interesting cutaway of Endeavour revealing the crew's living quarters and the Hold, where supplies were stored.

The bottom of each page comprises an informative time-line that spans from 1728 to 2005. It also outlines the building of the Endeavour Replica in 1987, its launch, and sailing of the ship up until 2005.

The book contains a glossary, contents page and index making it particularly useful for educational purposes. Teachers' notes are available to download from the publisher's website:

Ted Tierney

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 40, volume 34, number 1 (2011).

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