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Visiting Victoria, Vancouver


The Endeavour Replica - Victoria, Vancouver

Noticing that the Cook statue on the Victoria harbour area was not in pristine shape - too many sea gulls in the area. I did call the Mayor’s office and he was very agreeable to getting it properly cleaned, which he did in time for Endeavour tying up in Victoria’s inner harbour.

I also called one of our local radio stations to drum up some publicity for the visit. Although asked, I declined to be interviewed on the air. The man assigned, however, did interview me for background information. I was 25 years in Broadcast Radio early on, and I have not involved myself with on air work since that time. In any event, it was decided to ask the Director of one of our local museums, the Maritime Museum, and he did a good job.

The visit to Victoria was very successful. In the few days here, over 11,000 people paid and took the tour. After some dry dock work here Endeavour goes to Vancouver for 10 days. I understand from friends that there is a great interest in the visit.

Allan Klenman

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1677, volume 22, number 4 (1999).

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