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Visiting San Diego, California (illustrated with photographs)


The Endeavour Replica - Visiting San Diego, California

Although I used nearly three rolls of film, I believe these summarize the visit in San Diego.

If you tour the ship, the only differences will be the Docents [Guides] and the location. Each Docent was provided with a laminated plastic script. I am sure the Endeavour Foundation does not desire too much ad libing.

February 5, had been overcast until the Ship arrived. The photograph in the local newspaper looks like the sun may have peaked through, but not for long. Around 1:00 PM it became overcast again, and the wind was blowing. Also, on arrival a special proclamation from the Mayor was presented.

I understood from conversations with the Docents, there were many volunteers and each was asked to stand one 4 or 6 hour watch during the entire visit. Have no way of knowing if this was standard procedure for all visits or just San Diego. I should have signed up, if for no other reason than to get one of the uniforms. The hats looked great. As you can see, the Docents were in he retired age bracket and all are members of the Maritime Museum.

The day of my visit was an absolutely clear day; but, the wind was blowing. Literately crawling below deck was not as easy for older people as I first believed. The fatigue is evident in my face, and the the wind did not improve my hair.

On Wednesday, February 17, the San Diego Maritime Museum announced a presentation of Endeavour by Mr. Longley. We went: timing was terrible for us. We had not had dinner and there was no food available. The Australians did contribute white and red wine. After a glass or two, we decided we needed to eat. We left and did not return. The next day I determined Mr. Longley did not make the presentation. His number one assistant, I believe the Captain did the honors. There were no handouts.

The Endeavour was refitting alongside the embarcadero.

Frank Kretchman

On arrival:

Photograph 1   On lookers watching stores being off loaded.

Photograph 2   The rubber inflatable boat.

Photograph 3   Stem, Star of India rigging in background.

Photograph 4   The merchandising van.

Photograph 5   More on lookers near Gangway.

Photograph 6   Bow, North Island Naval Air Station in background.

Photograph 7   More lookie loos, with Point Loma in the background.

Photograph 8   First of a series of reader boards with information on Endeavour. I asked if there was something I could purchase with copies of all the boards. Answer was no!

On board for visit:

Photograph 9   In board of bow stripe; downtown San Diego in the background.

Photograph 10   The Ship's Bell. Impressed by the immensity of frame.

Photograph 11   A Docent assisting visitors navigating the ladders.

Photograph 12   Port side looking aft; gangway is about in middle right of photograph.

Photograph 13   The cat is out of the bag.

Photograph 14   A Docent that described the galley and noted ship's cook had one arm.

Photograph 15   A Docent that described the ring used to ensure the hammock was rolled and fit through the ring.

Photograph 16   Starboard side looking aft; Point Loma in the background.

Photograph 17   Port side looking aft in the combination crew's berthing and messing.

Photograph 18   Starboard side looking forward in the crew's berthing an messing. A docent is explaining ??

Photograph 19   A docent and a visitor discussing the Marine's Quarters. Note the overhead is low.

Photograph 20   Interior of one of the Officer's state room

Photograph 21   A musket and powder horn exhibited in one of the Officer Cabins.

Photograph 22   Officer's Pantry.

Photograph 23   Officer's Wardroom.

Photograph 24   Selected copies of drawings and charts. These were displayed on the table in the Captain's Cabin.

Photograph 25   Yours truly resting in the after Officers Quarters.

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1656, volume 22, number 3 (1999).

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