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Visiting Nelson, New Zealand (illustrated with photographs)


The Endeavour Replica - Visiting Nelson, New Zealand

At so many bells this morning, 8th January, 2000 (how many is midday?) we ambled over to George and Rosemary Topliss's balcony and watched replica Endeavour sail through 'The cut' escorted by everything from a harbour bruis Catamaran to Jetskis and Kayaks.

She did not exactly come in like a Tea Clipper but very stately and because of the funny old modified design appeared to be going backwards. Using a small jib and a Watersail - dropped topsails to turn into cut and then had to drop everything to get to wharf. So we thanked our hosts, finally managed to walk safely across Victoria Heights and watched her tie up from out my kitchen window. I would NOT sign on an Atlantic cruise in that small rowboat! Evidently they had a bit of trouble getting out of Wellington heads.


Endeavour at Nelson Endeavour at Nelson
Endeavour at Nelson Endeavour at Nelson
Endeavour at Nelson
Endeavour at Nelson

John Allan

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1725, volume 23, number 2 (2000).

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