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Thomas Hardman (~1735-1786)


Thomas Hardman served with James Cook in Grenville, Endeavour and Scorpion.  Muster records reveal that Hardman was born in London about 1735.


Hardman joined the brig Grenville for the 1767 season surveying the west coast of Newfoundland.  He was then one of the small group who went with Cook to Endeavour, joining that ship on 27 May, 1768, as boatswain's mate.  He was rated AB from 25 March, 1769, and became the sailmaker on 1 February, 1771, after the death of John Ravenhill.  After the voyage, Cook wrote to Philip Stephens
Thomas Hardman, Sailmaker of the Endeavour, late under his command, was employed repairing the sails at the Cape of Good Hope, agreeable to the enclosed certificate, and asks for him to be paid the usual Extra pay.1


Hardman joined Scorpion on 9 September, 1771, as Yeoman of the sheets, but did not transfer with Cook and others to Resolution in December of that year.  He was unwell, as Cook explained to Philip Stephens, the Admiralty Secretary
Permit me, sir, to recommend to their Lordships Thos. Hardman, who has sail’d with me sence the beginning of the year 1767, in the stations of boatswain mate and sailmaker.  He is well quallified to be boatswain of any of his Majesty's sloops in ordinary or Home service.  His constitution at present is not sufficient to stand such a voyage as I am going, otherwise I should have applied for him to have been appointed my boatswain. I am, &c., Jam's Cook.2


Hardman then served as boatswain of HMS Cruizer
Captain James Cumming, the Deal Castle.  The Cruizer late under his command is ordered abroad, which deprived Thomas Hardman, the present Boatswain of the sloop, the opportunity of returning 2 gig boats into store, which were left at Dover when the sloop refitted at Sheerness.  Asks for orders for the Naval Officer at Deal to receive them into store and give him a receipt so he may pass his accounts3


Hardman wrote his will on 1 June, 1773, whilst  in Cruizer.  John Stephen, her purser, was the sole beneficiary of this will,4 which was proven thirteen years later on 7 May. 1786.  No family are mentioned in the will.

John Robson


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Originally published in Cook's Log, page 39, volume 40, number 3 (2017).

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