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The Third Voyage (1776-1780)



Apr. - Jun.     Preparation for publication of Journal of Second Voyage and for Third Voyage. Correspondence connected with this and for discovery of North West Passage.
Jun. 8 Sat. The Earl of Sandwich, Sir Hugh Palliser and other Admiralty officials visit Resolution.
  15 Sat. Resolution sails, from Long Reach where provisioned.
  22 Sat. Last letter from Mile End Road to Commodore Wilson at Great Ayton.
  24 Mon. Goes aboard Resolution with Omai at the Nore.
  25 Tue. Sails for The Downs.
  26 Wed. Anchors in The Downs off Deal.
  27 Thu. Sails for Plymouth.
  30 Sun. Anchors at Plymouth.
Jul. 8 Mon. Receives Instructions.
  12 Fri. Sails from Plymouth.
  14 Sun. Off The Lizard.
  16 Tue. Off the Scilly Isles.
  17 Wed. Off Ushant.
  22 Mon. Off Cape Ortegal.
  24 Wed. Passed Cape Finisterre.
  30 Tue. Observes Eclipse of Moon.
Aug. 1 Thu. Anchors at Tenerife, takes on supplies.
  4 Sun. Sails from Tenerife after watching Jean-Charles Borda and Don Joseph Varela testing chronometers.
  10 Sat. Off Boa Vista.
  12 Mon. Off Cape Verde Islands.
Sep. 1 Sun. Crosses the Equator.
  8 Sun. Towards the coast of Brazil.
  17 Thu. Sights the Cape of Good Hope.
  18 Fri. Lands. Visits the Governor. Repairs ship.
Nov. 10 Sun. Discovery (Captain Clerke) arrives from Plymouth. Repairs. Provisions Ships and dismantles Observatory used during stay.
Dec. 2 Mon. Sails and heads SE.
  12 Thu. Sights Marion and Prince Edward Islands.
  15 Sun. Passes south of Crozet islands. Heads for Kerguelen.
  24 Tue. Sights Isle de Croy (Kerguelen).
  25 Wed. Lands at Baie de l’Oiseau (Christmas Harbour).
  27 Fri. Reads inscription left by French in 1773, and writes new inscription on the other side.
  29 Sun. Sails along north coast charting and naming places. Anchors in Baie de Baleiniers (Port Palliser).
  30 Mon. Sails round Cape Digby and Cape Sandwich and heads west and south for New Zealand.


Jan. 24 Fri. Sights Van Dieman’s Land (Tasmania). Rounds Tasman Head.
  26 Sun. Lands at Adventure Bay.
Feb. 10 Mon. Sights New Zealand (Rocks Point).
  12 Wed. Lands at Queen Charlotte’s Sound (Ship’s Cove).
  13 Thu. Sets up Observatory. Waters and partly provisions ship.
  15 Sat. Visits fortified village.
  16 Sun. Lands again - collects grass. celery and scurvy grass.
  25 Tue. Sails from The Sound.
  27 Thu. Off Cape Palliser.
Mar. 29 Sat. Sights Mangaia - most southerly of Lower Cook Islands.
  31 Mon. Sights Atiu.
Apr. 4 Fri. Off Takutea.
  6 Sun. Off Manuae (Hervey Island). Passes south of Aitutaki.
  13 Sun. Off Palmerston Islands. Stands offshore to replenish supplies.
  24 Thu. Off Niue (Savage Island).
  28 Mon. Sights Nomuka (Anamocka). Anchors and commences to provision ship.
May 6 Tue. Visited by great Chief (Finow/Finau).
  14 Wed. Sails and heads north towards Kotu and Tofua.
  17 Sat. Lands at Lifuka.
  26 Mon. Sails south and anchors off Uoleva.
  29 Thu. Sails for Nomuka.
Jun. 5 Thu. Anchors at Nomuka.
  8 Sun. Sails for Tongatapu (Amsterdam Island).
  10 Tue. Anchors at Nukualofa Harbour. Meets King of Tonga.
Jul. 5 Sat. Observes eclipse of Sun. Ceremonies, feasts. supplies.
  10 Thu. Sails for Eua (Middelburgh).
  12 Sat. Anchors at English Roads.
  17 Thu. Sails east for Tahiti.
Aug. 9 Sat. Off Tubuai/Tupua (Austral Islands).
  12 Tue. Off, and anchors at, Vaitepiha Bay.
  23 Sat. Sails for, and anchors at, Matavai Bay.
Sep. 29 Mon. Sails for Moorea (Eimeo).
  30 Tue. Anchors at Tareu/Papetaai, Moorea.
Oct. 11 Sat. Sails for Fare, Huahine.
  12 Sun. Lands at Fare and installs Omai ashore, builds house and plantation.
Nov. 2 Sun. Sails for Raiatea.
  3 Mon. Anchors at Haamanino (also in July 1768 and May 1774). Sets up Observatory.
Dec. 8 Mon. Stands off Borabora but stands off and heads MS.
  22 Mon. Crosses the Equator.
  24 Wed. Sights Christmas Island. Anchors in atoll and collects turtles.
  30 Tue. Observes eclipse of Sun (Cook Islet/Eclipse Island).


Jan. 2 Fri. Sails to NE.
  18 Sun. Sights Oahu and Kauai (Hawaii Group).
  19 Mon. Sights Niihau.
  20 Tue. Anchors and lands at Waimea Bay, Kaiai.
  23 Fri. Moves fron Waimea and wind carries Resolution towards Niihau.
  25 Sun. Thomas Roberts, Quartermaster, dies of “dropsy”.
  29 Thu. Lands at Niihau.
Feb. 2 Mon. Sails NE towards “New Albion” (Drake 1579), and calls the group he was leaving the Sandwich Islands.
Mar. 7 Sat. Sights coast of Oregon - Cape Foulweather.
  11 Wed. Sights Cape Perpetua, Cape Arago (Cape Gregory).
  22 Sun. Off Cape Flattery, fails to see Straits of Juan de Fuca, thus passing to the south and east of Vancouver Island.
  29 Sun. Off Cape Cook (Woody Point).
  30 Mon. Anchors in Resolution (Ship) Cove, Hope Bay (Nootka Sound) commences overhauling ships. Meets Nootka people and explores Sound, and names it King George’s Sound. Names Bligh Island and Clerke Peninsula (Resolution Cove).
Apr. 26 Sun. Sails from Nootka Sound and heads north along coast of Vancouver Island.
May 1 Fri. Off Baranof and Kruzof Islands and Sitka Sound.
  2 Sat. Off Cape Edgecombe and sights Mount Edgecombe and “Bay of Islands” - Salisbury Sound.
  3 Sun. Off Salisbury Sound, Cross Sound and Cape, Cape Fairweather.
  4 Mon. Sights Mount Fairweather (15, 300 ft.).
  6 Wed. Sights Mount St. Elias (18, 000 ft.) - sighted by Bering in 1741 - and Berings Bay.
  10 Sun. Sights Cape Suckling. Supposes that Bering had landed near here.
  11 Mon. Lands at Kayak and Wingham Island/s - Keyes Island and names Comptrollers Bay - now Controller Bay (as named later by Vancouver). Sails on.
  12 Tue. Off Cape Hinchingbrook and Island. Anchors at English Bay. Enters Prince William (Sandwich Sound). All this time since landing at Nootka Sound artefacts have been collected and the native dialects etc., noted.
  13 Wed. Sails, passes Orca Bay.
  14 Thu. Anchors in Snug Corner Bay. Sights Valdez Narrows.
  18 Mon. Sails past Montague Island and Straits, and leaves Prince William Sound, passes small Green Islands group (now Ingot, Entrance, Sphinx and Eleanor).
  21 Thu. Off Cape Elizabeth (birthday of 3rd daughter of George III). Now Chugach Islands.
  24 Sun. Off Cape St. Hermogenes, Marmot Island. Sights Afognak and Kodiak Islands.
  25 Mon. Off Barren Islands. Sights Cape Douglas and is entering Cook Inlet (1792). Sights Smoky Point and Bay - now Shelikof Strait.
  26 Tue. Sights Mount St. Augustine and Cape Bede. Near Kamishak Bay.
  27 Wed. Anchors off Anchor Point.
  29 Fri. Sails past Kalgin (Doubtful) Island.
Jun. 1 Mon. Off Fire Island, near Anchorage and sets off down the Inlet thinking that there may be a channel to the NE - possible NE Passage. Passes Turnagain River. Anchors at Point Possession (Kenai Peninsula).
  2 Tue. Sails down Inlet.
  6 Sat. Passes Shuyak Island and into open sea.
  7 Sun. Off Cape Whitsunday (Pillar Cape) and Marmot Bay (Afognak, Whale, Kodiak and Spruce Islands).
  8 Mon. Off Cape Greville and Two Headed Island (Point).
  12 Fri. Off Cape St. Barnabes.
  14 Sun. Off Trinity Island, Cape Trinity (SW Kodiak Island). Now sailing along the Pacific Coast of Alaska Peninsula. Sees first Eskimos paddling a kayak.
  15 Mon. Off Foggy Cape and Island (Chirikov Island - 1794).
  17 Wed. Off Shumagin Islands.
  19 Fri. Off Unga Cape.
  20 Sat. Off Sanak Islands (Halibut Island). Sights Unimak Island and Shishaldin Volcano (9,387 ft.), and has now arrived at the beginning of the Aleutian Islands.
  25 Thu. Sails into and turns north through Unimak Pass. Passes Krenitsin Islands (Ugamak, Tigalda and Avatanak).
  27 Sat. Anchors off Cape Sedanka (Egg Inlet), Unalga.
  27 Sat. Sights Unalaska Island.
  28 Sun. Sails into Unalga Pass. Anchors in English Bay. (Samagunda) and meets the Aleuts.
Jul. 2 Thu. Sights Unimak Island. Now sailing NE along N.E. coast of Alaska Peninsula.
  9 Thu. Sights Cape Chichagof and enters River Bristol - probably now the Kvichak River and Bay or the Naknek River.
  10 Fri. Off Cape Constantine.
  13 Mon. Anchors off Round Island, Walrus lslands.
  14 Tue. Off Calm Point, Hagemeister Island.
  15 Wed. Anchors Off Crooked and High Islands (Walrus Islands).
  16 Thu. Off Cape Peirce and Cape Newenham. Takes possession of the land.
  18 Sat. In Kuskokwim Bay. In shoals. Off Cape Avinof.
  23 Thu. Heads west and north into open Bering Sea.
  29 Wed. Off St. Matthew Island. Point Upright (now Cape) and Bird Island.
Aug. 3 Mon. Mr. Anderson, Surgeon. dies. Sights Anderson Island - St. Lawrence Island (Bering Aug. 1728).
  4 Tue. Sights mainland of Alaska (America).
  5 Wed. Lands on Sledge Island, near Point Rodney.
  8 Sat. Off Cape Prince of Wales - most westerly point of the American continent. Sights Fairway Rock and Ratmanova and Ignaluk, Diomede Islands. At anchor now in the Bering Strait.
  9 Sun. Sails North and West across strait and sights coast of Asia.
  10 Mon. Anchors in St. Lawrence Bay. Sights Cape Krigugnon and Cape Nunyagmo. Meets the Chukchi people. Sights Mt. Vkhodnaya/Tirtova (Siberia).
  11 Tue. Sails and heads NE along N.W. coast of Alaska.
  14 Fri. Off Point Mulgrave - probably Cape Kruzenstern or Cape Seppings. Crosses the Arctic circle.
  18 Tue. At 7O° 44´ N. the farthest north of the Voyage. In ice, off Icy Cape. Continues return along coast.
  21 Fri. Off Cape Lisburne to the SW and heads west amid ice.
  29 Sat. Sights Asian coast. Cape Shmidta (Cape North by King). Heads SE along the Siberian coast. Sights Ekiatap (lagoon), Kozhevnikova and Vebera (Severnaya Bay).
  30 Sun. Off Kolyuchin Island (Burney’s Island).
Sep. 1 Tue. Off Ididlya Islet, Capes Ikugur and Volnisti and Cape Serdze Kamen and along the Chukotski Peninsula.
  2 Wed. Off East Cape (Cape Dezhneva). Most easterly point of Siberia.
  3 Thu. Off St. Lawrence Bay. Heads for Alaskan coast.
  4 Fri. Off entrance to Senyavina Strait and south coast of Arakamchechen and Ittigran Islands, off Nuneangan Island. Off Cape Chukotski.
  7 Mon. Off Sledge Island, into Norton Sound.
  8 Tue. Off Cape Darby and into Norton Bay.
  11 Fri. Off Cape Denbigh.
  12 Sat. Off Bessborough Island. Anchors. Meets inhabitants.
  17 Thu. Sails along coast of Sound, in shoals.
  18 Fri. Off Stuarts Island, Cape Stephens, Egg Islet. Beaulah Island and Point Shallow Water.
  20 Sun. Off St. Laurence Island (Clerke's Island) = Three Punuk Islands.
  23 Wed. Off St. Matthew Island (Gore's Island - Cook), Bird Island (King). Passes Cape Upright. Pinnacle Island. Heads SE for Samgunuda.
Oct. 2 Fri. Into Unalaska Bay.
  3 Sat. Anchors at Samganunuda.
  14 Wed. Meets, at Unalaska, Russian fur traders and Gerassim Gregoriev Ismailov, Russian factor. Sees charts and obtains information about Kamchatka, the Sea of Okhotsk and Kurile Islands. Ismailov gives him a letter for the Governor of Kamchatka and Petropavlovsk.
  21 Wed. Sends letter to Admiralty per Ismailov.
  23 Fri. Jacob Ivanovich, master of sloop carrying letter, visits Cook.
  26 Mon. Sails for Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) to winter there.
  29 Thu. Sights Umnak and Bogoslof Islet.
Nov. 26 Thu. Sights Maui.
Dec. 1 Tue. Off Hawaii.
  4 Fri. Observes eclipse of moon.
  7 Mon. Sights Mauna Kea (13,825 ft.) and Mauna Loa (13,675 ft.)
  19 Sat. Off Cape Kumukahi - eastern point of Hawaii.


Jan. 5 Tue. Passes south of Island, Kalae. Frequently visited by canoes with supplies.
  17 Sun. Anchors at Kealakekua Bay. Provisions ships and meets inhabitants who appear friendly and seem to reverence him.
Feb. 1 Mon. William Watman, seaman, dies of a stroke and is buried near a chief's burial place.
  4 Thu. Ships sail north to investigate islands.
  6 Sat. Off Kawaihae Bay.
  8 Mon. Finds that the mast is sprung (it had been replaced in Nootka Sound) and decides to head back to Kealakekua Bay to replace it.
  11 Wed. Anchors in Bay.
  14 Sun. Cook along with Marines, Corporal Thomas, Privates Hinks, Allen and Fatchett are killed ashore near village of Kaawaloa, about 9 a.m. There had been ill feeling, menaces and theft - particularly Discovery's cutter - and Cook had gone ashore to settle the matter. Confusion, musket fire and mis-interpreted signals led to the tragedy and the resulting contemporary confusion of accounts and paintings of the scene. Clerke assumes command of Resolution and the voyage and Gore takes over the Discovery.
  20 Sat. Clerke demands and obtains Cook's remains from the natives. The disfigured head, unrecognisable, severed hands - one identified by distinctive scar between thumb and forefinger of right hand caused by explosion of powder horn, 6th. August 1764, Noddy Harbour, Newfoundland. Possible jawbone and feet later returned with shoes and damaged musket.
  21 Sun. Cook's remains are placed in coffin and he is buried at sea in the late afternoon.
  22 Mon. Sails for Kamchatka.
  24 Wed. Off Kahoolawe, Males Bay, sights Kekaa Point (W. tip of Maui).
  25 Thu. Sights Lanai, Cape Kaea.
  26 Fri. Off Molokai and Oahu.
  27 Sat. Goes ashore at Waimea Bay.
  28 Sun. Sights Kauai.
Mar. 1 Mon. Goes ashore again, trouble. Remains until 8 March.
  8 Mon. Off Cape Kawaihoa (Niihau). Goes ashore. Trading & supplies.
  15 Mon. Sails, finally, for Kamchatka.
Apr. 23 Tue. Kamchatka sighted.
  29 Mon. Anchors in Avacha Bay, about 7½ miles from Petropavlovsk. Several anchorages are then tried in Bay. Clerke decides to send letters to Major Behm, Governor. Gore, King and Webber sent by sledge. Also take Cook's Journal etc.; which arrive at the Admiralty, London, seven months later. Vessels provisioned etc. Visited by Russian soldiers, merchants and local priest. Observatory erected
May 7 Fri. Above party, Russian merchants, Germans set off for Bolsherstsk where they are well received.
  16 Sun. Alexander McIntosh, carpenter's mate, dies of a flux. Buried at sea
  21 Fri. Party returns to mouth of R. Avachka, accompanied by Major Behm.
  26 Wed. Major Behm returns. Ice begins to clear. Carpentry repairs.
Jun. 11 Fri. Ships begin leaving Bay.
  15 Tue. Mt. Avachinskaya erupting - ships covered in dust.
  18 Fri. Passes Cape Shipunski.
  19 Sat. Ships finally clear Bay and head NE along Kamchatka coast.
  20 Sun. Off Cape Kronotski and Gulf of Kamtchka.
  24 Thu. Off Cape Olyutorski.
  28 Mon. Off (probably) Anastasii Bay, Vitgenshteina Point, Natalii Bay and Glubokaya Bay.
  29 Tue. Off Cape Navarin (probably) - (St. Thadeus Nos.).
  30 Wed. Off Gulf of Anadir, Capes Faddeys and Chukotski.
Jul. 4 Sun. Off St. Lawrence Island and Cape Chaplina, heading for Bering Strait
  5 Mon. Off Diomede Islands.
  6 Tue. Off Cape Destineva ( East Cape - Cook), Cape Mountain (America). Crosses Arctic Circle - into ice. Weather bad.
  10 Sat. Decides to head south.
  18 Sun. However, reaches 70° 33' N. Begins return. No NE Passage!
  26 Mon. Off Cape Serdtse Kamen.
  30 Fri. Off Diomede Islands. Through Bering Strait.
Aug. 21 Sat. Kamchatka coast sighted.
  22 Sun. Captain Clarke dies of consumption, after long illness.
  24 Tue. Into Avacha Bay.
  25 Wed. Gore takes command of Resolution and Voyage. King - Discovery. Observatory erected. Repairs commenced.
  29 Sun. Clerke buried ashore, in accordance with his wishes, in the cemetery at Petropavlovsk, with due ceremony.
Sep. 3 Fri. Visit by Evan Sind, Russian ensign. Ships gather supplies, visits by Russian officers
  22 Wed. Visit by Captain Smiloff, new Governor.
  26 Sun. Freemasons of ships hold lodge at Russian barracks.
  27 Mon. Further Masonic meeting.
  30 Thu. Clerke's escutcheon fixed at Petropvalovsk Church.
Oct. 9 Sat. Ships sail from Avatcha Bay.
  16 Wed. Sight two Kurile Islands - Shimushiru and Paramushiru.
  26 Tue. Sight coast of Japan.
  27 Wed. Sights, possibly, Yano Shima Group. Encounter Japanese ships.
Nov. 1 Mon. Sight Mt. Fujiyama.
  15 Mon. Sight Kito Iwo, Iwojina and Minamo Iwo. (Peaked Island, Sulphur Island and Saddle Island).
  24 Wed. Off Formosa.
  30 Tue. Sight Lema Islands - approaches to Canton, (and River). Near Macao and Hong Kong.
Dec. 1 Wed. Anchors in Roads near Macao.


Jan. 13 Thu. Sail from Macao.
  20 Thu. Off Pulau Condore (Kondor Island).
  28 Fri. In Straits of Banca - Selat Bangka - between Borneo and Sumatra.
Feb. 12 Sat. At anchor, Princes Island, Straits of Sunda.
  19 Sat. Sailed for the Cape.
Apr. 12 Wed. In False Bay, (Simonstown), Resolution’s rudder repaired.
May 9 Tue. Sailed.
Aug. 9 Wed. Unable to enter Channel because of gales. Heads north off west coast of Ireland.
  21 Mon. Off Western Isles of Scotland - first land sighted for over 314 months
  22 Tue. Into Stromness Harbour (Orkneys). Bad weather.
Sep. 20 Wed. Sails from Stromness. John Davis, Quartermaster, died at sea.
  22 Fri. Sergeant Samuel Gilbert, marine, dies at sea.
  30 Sat. At anchor at Yarmouth Roads.
Oct. 7 Sat. Discovery at Woolwich, Resolution at Deptford. Crews paid off. Gore and King become Post-Captains. Gore takes up Captain's Berth at Greenwich, vacated by Cook. Dies there, 10 Aug. 1796. Burney and Williamson become master and commander.


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