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The Lovtsov Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean Black, Lydia T. 1991


Carr 1983The Lovtsov Atlas of the North Pacific Ocean
By Lydia T. Black. Published by The Limestone Press in 1991 (ISBN 0-919642-38-1).
Vasilii Fedorovich Lovtsov had sailed in the Pacific for 32 years in the eighteenth century, and was an excellent cartographer and navigator. In 1782, while wintering at Bol'sheretsk, Kamchatka, he compiled a compedium of 18 charts, with lists of place names, from discoveries made by Russian mariners and Captain James Cook and his officers.
Some of them are based "on the declarations of service men who frequent these regions, confirmed in their exactness by declarations given by the two English ships under the command of Mr. Commodore Cook, his captains, Messrs. Clekre and Gore. Their notes [were] translated by the former Kamchatka Commander von Behm"
An excellent book from the only known copy.
Reviewer: Ian Boreham
Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1452, volume 20, number 4 (1997).

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