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The First Voyage (1768-1771)


All dates are as written in Cook’s Journal and are, therefore, in Ship’s time.

Note regarding proper names and names of places Cook visited on this and subsequent journeys.
Names have often changed since Cook’s explorations. An unbracketed name is the one given by Cook, on first use, and a modern equivalent follows in brackets, if there is one, or a native one still in use. Modern usage will usually be the form for subsequent entries.



May 5 Thu. Attends Council Meeting of the Royal Society.
  19 Thu. Attends again and agrees a gratuity of 100 guinees.
  25 Wed. Commissioned First Lieutenant to command HMS Bark Endeavour.
  26 Fri. Arrives on board and takes command of Endeavour at Deptford.
Jul. 18 Mon. Pilot arrives to take Endeavour to the Downs.
  21 Thu. Sails from Deptford for Gallions Reach.
  30 Sat. Sails from Gallions Reach to Gravesend.
  31 Sun. Sails from Gravesend.
Aug. 3 Wed. Endeavour in the Downs.
  7 Sun. Cook joins Endeavour to commence Voyage.
  8 Mon. Sails for Plymouth.
  14 Sun. Arrives at Plymouth. Endeavour is provisioned. Banks, Solander and party join ship.
  25 Thu. Sails from Plymouth into the Channel and Bay of Biscay.
Sep. 4 Sun. Off Sisargas Islands and Cape Finisterre.
  12 Mon. Lands at Funchal (Madeira). Alexander Weir, Master’s Mate, carried overboard by buoy rope and drowned.
  18 Sun. Off Tenerife (Cape Verde Islands).
Oct. 25 Tue. Crosses the Equator.
  28 Fri. 60 miles E. of the Islands of Fernando Novonha (Brazil).
Nov. 8 Tue. Sights coastline of Brazil.
  13 Sun. Arrives Rio de Janeiro. Ship is cleaned and repaired. Meets the Viceroy. Difficulties arise over landing. Endeavour has sailed 5,000 miles from Plymouth to Rio.
Dec. 2 Fri. Seaman Peter Flower drowned in the harbour.
  5 Mon. Sails from Rio de Janeiro.
  7 Wed. Pilot dropped, clears Bay and heads south.


Jan. 11 Wed. Sights Tierra del Fuego.
  13 Fri. Enters Straits of Le Maire with difficulty.
  14 Sat. Boat goes ashore with Banks and Solander.
  15 Sun. Anchors in Bay of Good Success. Cook goes ashore with Banks and Solander and meets natives. Surveys Bay.
  21 Sat. Sails from Bay.
  25 Wed. Off Cape Horn (3482 miles from Rio). Into the Pacific.
  30 Mon. Reaches most southerly point of Voyage - 60°l0’S.
Mar. 26 Sun. Marine William Greenslade lost overboard.
Apr. 4 Tue. Sights land, Lagoon Island (Vahitahi). Has now sailed 5036 miles since Cape Horn. Enters the Tuamotu Archipelago.
  5 Wed. Off Thrum Island (Aki Aki), Bougainville’s Isle de Lanciers.
  6 Thu. Off Bow Islands (Hao).
  7 Fri. Off The Two Groups (Marokau, Ravahere) and Bird Island (Reitoru).
  9 Sun. Off Chain Island (Maitea).
  10 Mon. Off Osnaburg Island (Maitea Anaa).
  11 Tue. Sights King George’s Island (Tahiti).
  13 Thu. At anchor in Matavai Bay (Tahiti). 559 miles since land sighted.
  14 Fri. Goes ashore at Matavai Bay and meets inhabitants.
  15 Sat. Goes ashore, decides where to site Fort Venus. Native is shot for attempting to snatch a musket.
  17 Mon. Alexander Buchan, artist, dies and is buried at sea.
  18 Tue. Commences building Fort Venus.
  28 Fri. Queen Oborea (Purea) visits Fort and Endeavour.
May 1 Mon. Observatory set up.
  2 Tue. Quadrant set up.
  5 Fri. Watches wrestling and entertainment provided by Tuteha.
  11 Thu. Purea visits again and becomes frequent visitor until departure.
  28 Sun. With Banks and Solander visits Tuteha in S.W. of Island.
Jun. 1 Thu. Sends Lt. Gore, Dr. Monkhouse and Sporing to York Island (Moorea) to observe the Transit.
  3 Sat. Observes Transit of Venus with Solander and Green.
  18 Sun. Observes Eclipse of Moon.
  20 Tue. Eats roasted dog.
  26 Mon. Commences circuit of Tahiti with Banks in ship’s pinnace.
Jul. 1 Sat. Returns to Fort Venus (approx. 90 miles). Prepares for sailing.
  9 Sun. Clement Webb and Samuel Gibson, marines, desert.
  10 Mon. Lt. Hicks brings back the deserters.
  13 Thu. Sails north from Matavai Bay.
  14 Fri. Off Tethuroa (Tetiaroa), York Island (Moorea/Eimeo) and Saunders Island (Tubuai Manu).
  15 Sat. Off Huahine.
  16 Sat. Sights Ulieta (Raiatea), Otaha (Tahaa), and Bolabola (Borabora).
  17 Mon. Anchors at Owarhe (Fare), Huahine. Goes ashore with Banks, Solander and Monkhouse. Meets Ori, King of the Island and Tupia. Surveys Island.
  19 Wed. Gives Ori pewter plaque and medals to commemorate visit.
  20 Thu. Sails from Huahine. Arrives and anchors at Opoa Harbour. Raiatea.
  21 Fri. Goes ashore. Takes possession of island.
  24 Mon. Unable to sail through reef because no wind.
  25 Tue. Sails northwards.
  26 Wed. Sights Borabora. Off Otaha (Tahaa).
  27 Thu. Sights Tubai (Motu-iti). Returns south.
  28 Fri. Off Tahaa, Hamene Bay. Sends Banks and Solander ashore.
  29 Sat. Banks and Solander return. Sails. Off Borabora. Heads south.
  30 Sun. Discovers Meurua (Meupiti). Off Hurepiti Bay, Tahaa.
Aug. 1 Tue. Off Raiatea.
  2 Wed. Anchors at Rautoanui Harbour, Raiatea.
  3 Thu. Surveys with Banks and Solander to the north.
  5 Sat. Surveys with Banks and Solander to the south.
  7 Mon. Visits King Opoony (Funi).
  8 Tue. Returns to Endeavour.
  9 Wed. Sails southwards and leaves Society Islands.
  14 Mon. Sights Ohetoroa (Rurutu), Austral Islands.
  15 Tue. Continues southwards.
  28 Mon. John Reardon/Reading, Boatswain’s Mate, dies after drinking a bottle of rum given him by the Boatswain.
  29 Tue. Sights and observes Messier’s Comet. (Seen in Europe, Aug.- May.)
Oct. 7 Sat. Sights New Zealand (Gisborne?) - by Nicholas Young.
  8 Sun. Sights Poverty Bay, people and canoe. 3912 miles since 9th. Aug.
  9 Mon. Goes ashore with Banks and Solander in the yawl and pinnace. Lands; on banks of R. Turanganui. A native is shot while the pinnace is under attack.
  11 Wed. Leaves Poverty Bay.
  12 Thu. Off Cape Table. Portland Island.
  14 Sat. Off (Napier). Crossing Hawke Bay.
  15 Sun. Off Cape Kidnappers.
  16 Mon. Off Bare Island, Black Head.
  17 Tue. Off Cape Turnagain. Heads back north, closer to the coast.
  20 Fri. Off Gable-end Foreland, (Anaura Bay/Tegadoo). Chiefs come aboard.
  22 Sun. Puts to sea.
  23 Mon. Anchors In Cook’s Cove, Tolaga Bay.
  29 Sun. Sails from Tolaga Bay.
  31 Tue. Off East Cape, East Island, Hicks Bay, Cape Runaway.
Nov. 1 Wed. Off White Island.
  2 Thu. Off (Whale Island/Motuhora). Sights and names, Mount Edgecombe, passes Flat (Plate) Island.
  3 Fri. Off the Court of the Aldermen (The Alderman), Castle Island.
  4 Sat. Anchors In Mercury (Cook) Bay.
  9 Thu. Observes Transit of Mercury with Green. Explores and surveys the Bay and the Oyster River.
  15 Wed. Sails from Mercury Bay.
  16 Thu. Passes Mercury Islands.
  17 Fri. Passes Iles d’Haussez (named by d’Urville) and (Waikawau Bay), sights (Mt. Maungatawhiri).
  18 Sat. Passes Port Charles, Great Barrier Island, Channel Island, Cape Colville and enters (Hauraki) Gulf.
  19 Sun. Anchors at mouth of the Firth of Thames.
  20 Mon. Explores Thames River.
  22 Wed. Sails further into Firth and anchors.
  24 Fri. Sails from Thames River, passes Little Barrier Island and Point (Cape) Rodney.
  25 Sat. Anchors in Bream Bey (Whangerei Harbour), notes Hen and Chickens Islands. Sails, passes Poor Knights Islands.
  27 Mon. Passes Cape Brett, into Bay of Islands, Piercy Island, Point Pococke, Cavalle (Cavalli) Islands.
  29 Wed. Anchors off Motu Arohia. Lands with Banks and Solander.
Dec. 1 Fri. Lands with Banks and Solander. (Paroa Bay?)
  4 Mon. Landro at (Motorua?).
  5 Tue. Sails, leaves Bay of Islands. (Note in Beaglehole - Bay of Islands first surveyed by Marion du Fresne, May to July 1772).
  9 Sat. Passes Doubtless Bay.
  10 Sun. Passes Knockle Point (Cape Karikari?) into (Karikari Bay?). Observes Mount Camel. Crosses (Rangaunu Bay) and Sandy (Great Exhibition) Bay. Sights North Cape.
  14 Thu. out to sea, north and north east.
  24 Sun. Sights Three Kings’ Island (discovered by Tasman, Jan.1643).
  30 Sat. Sights Cape Maria Van Diemen.


Jan. 2 Tue. Sights The Desart (sic) Coast (Ninety Mile Beach).
  4 Thu. Sights False Bay (Kaipara Harbour). Gales force Endeavour north.
  7 Sun. Turns south.
  8 Mon. Off (Hokianga Harbour).
  10 Wed. Off Woody Head (Raglan/Whaingaroa Harbour), Gannet Island, (Kawhia Harbour), Albatross Point.
  12 Fri. Sights Sugar Loaf Islands.
  13 Sat. Sights Mount Egmont and Cape Egmont.
  14 Sun. Sights Entry (Kapiti) Island. Enters Queen Charlotte Sound.
  16 Tue. Anchors in Ship’s Cove. Goes ashore. Careens Endeavour. (Cook believed this was Tasman’s Murderers’ Bay of 1642, but it was 70 miles away - Beaglehole). He explores, surveys, charts and names features in and around the Sound.
Feb. 7 Wed. Leaves Queen Charlotte Sound.
  8 Thu. Off Cape Campbell.
  9 Fri. Sights Cape Turnagain. Has Circumnavigated North Island. Turns S.
  11 Sun. Off Castle Point, Flat Point.
  12 Mon. Off Cape Palliser.
  14 Wed. Off (Seaward Kaikouras).
  15 Thu. Off Lookers on (Kaikoura Peninsula).
  16 Fri. Off Gore Bay (Waimakariri River?)
  17 Sat. Off Banks Island (Peninsula). Cook thought this was an island.
  23 Fri. Sights (Mt. D’Archaic) and (Mt. Arrowsmith).
  25 Sun. Sights Cape Saunders and Saddle Hill (Otago Harbour), and other inlets (Port Chalmers).
Mar. 6 Tue. Off Bench Island (Ruapuke), Molineux’s Harbour (Waikawa).
  9 Fri. Off The Traps.
  10 Sat. Passes South Cape and (Long Island).
  11 Sun. Off Solander Island (Cook has now rounded what is now Stewart Island, which he thought was the mainland). Off South Island.
  14 Wed. Off West Cape, Chalky Island and Inlet, Dusky Bay. Point Five Fingers (Five Fingers Peninsula), Doubtful Harbour (Sound).
  16 Fri. Off Mistaken Bay (Big Bay).
  17 Sat. Off Cascades Point, Open Bay Island (Okuru). Open (Jackson) Bay.
  16 Sun. Off Tasman’s landfall (13th. Dec. 1642).
  21 Wed. Off Cape Foulwind.
  22 Thu. Crosses (Karamea Bight).
  23 Fri. Off Rocks Point.
  24 Sat. Off Cape Farewell, crosses Blind Bay (Tasman Bay).
  26 Mon. Sights Stephen’s Island, Cape Stephens.
  27 Tue. Sights Admiralty Islands (Rangitoto, Trio and Chetwode), Point Jackson and (D’Urville) Island. Here he anchors in Admiralty Bay.
  31 Sat. Sails west across the Tasman Sea, passing Cape Farewell.
Apr. 19 Thu. Land is sighted. He names the southernmost part. Point Hicks (Cape Everard). Over 1,200 miles from New Zealand to Australia. Sights Ram Head.
  20 Fri. Sights Cape Howe.
  21 Sat. Sights Mount and Cape Dromedary, Bateman Bay.
  22 Sun. Sights Point Upright, the Pigeon House (Mt. ), Brush Island.
  24 Tue. Sights Cape St. George.
  25 Wed. Sights Long Nose (point), Red Point and (Jervis) Bay.
  28 Sat. Attempts to land with Banks, Solander and Tupia. Sees people. Surf too great, returns to Endeavour. (Bulli/Tom Thumb Lagoon).
  29 Sun. Anchors in Stingrays Harbour/Botany Bay. Lands (Kurnell). Names Point Solander (S) and Cape Banks (N), Bare Islet.
May 1 Tue. Buries Torby (Forby) Sutherland, seaman, at Point Sutherland.
  5 Sat. Lands and explores along coast for 3 or 4 miles.
  6 Sun. Names the place Botany Bay after many alternatives considered. Sails and sights another Bay, Port Jackson (Sydney).
  7 Mon. Off Broken Bay (Narrabeen Lagoon), Cape Three Ports.
  11 Fri. Off Nobby Head (mouth of Hunter River, Newcastle), Point Stephens, Port Stephens, Cabbage Tree, Boondelabah and Little Islands, Black Head (The Broughton Islands) and Cape Hawke.
  12 Sat. Sights The Three Brothers (large hills).
  13 Sun. Off Smoky Cape.
  15 Tue. Off the Solitary Isles, Cape Byron.
  16 Wed. Off Danger Point (Tweed River, N. Promontory). Sights Mt. Warning.
  17 Thu. Sights Point Lookout, Morton (Moreton) Bay, Cape Morton (now Moreton Isle with R. Brisbane and City behind), Glass House Bay and Glass Houses (hills).
  18 Fri. Off Double Island Point (originally Fiddle Head). Crosses Wide Bay.
  20 Sun. Off Indian Head (Fraser or Great Sandy Island), Sandy Cape.
  21 Mon. Off Break Sea Spit (shoal), crosses Hervey’s (Hervey) Bay.
  23 Wed. Anchors at Bustard Bay. Suspends Midshipman John Magra for cutting off the clothes and parts of the ears of Richard Orton, Captain’s clerk. Goes ashore with Banks and Solander.
  24 Thu. Leaves Bustard Bay.
  25 Fri. Off Cape Capricorn, Capricorn Group of Islands to the East.
  26 Sat. Off Keppel Islands, anchors in Keppel Bay.
  28 Mon. Sails. Off Cape Manyfold (Manifold), off Cape Townshend, The Two Brothers (Flat and Peaked Islets), Townshend Island. Approaches Northumberland Islands and begins passage within Great Barrier Reef. Crosses Shoalwater Bay. Anchors near (Donovan Shoal, Broad Sound Channel). Sails.
  29 Tue. Anchors in Broad Sound. Lands.
  30 Wed. Lands again. Sights Quail Island, enters Thirsty Sound in ship’s boat.
  31 Thu. Sails. Off Peir (Pier) Head.
Jun. 1 Fri. Anchors in north of Broad Sound. Sails. Sights Cape Palmerston, Bay of Inlets (name now gone).
  2 Sat. Off Slade Point, Cape Hillsborough, Cumberland Islands.
  3 Sun. Anchors, sails. Off Cape Conway and crosses Repulse Bay.
  4 Mon. Off Whitsunday Island in Whitsunday Passage. Off Cape Gloucester, Holburn (Holborne) Island, Edgcumbe Bay.
  5 Tue. Off Cape Upstart, Cape Bowling Green.
  5 Wed. Crosses Cleveland Bay (Townsville), passes Cape Cleveland, Magnetical Head (Island).
  7 Thu. In Halifax Bay, off Palm Islands.
  8 Fri. Sends Lt. Hicks, Banks and Solander ashore on Palm Island, sights Point Hillick (Hinchinbrook Island), Iron Head, Cape Sandwich, Family Islands, Dunk Isle. Crosses Rockingham Bay.
  9 Sat. Off Frankland Islands, Fitzroy Island, Cape Grafton.
  10 Sun. Anchors in Mission Bay. Goes ashore with Banks and Solander, sights Green Island. Sails, crosses Trinity Bay, passes Cape Tribulation.
  11 Mon. Sights Hope Islands. Ship runs aground on Endeavour Reef (coral). Jettisons stores, guns and equipment to lighten ship.
  12 Tue. Ship hauled and floated off reef, flooding fast, attempt to stop leak.
  13 Wed. Anchors and sails.
  14 Thu. Passes Weary Bay, anchors, sails, anchors again.
  17 Sun. Eventually runs ship ashore for repairs.
  18 Mon. Floats off and moors in Cook Harbour/River. Lands and prepares to repair Endeavour.
  23 Sat. Hunting party sights kangaroo. During ensuing days expeditions are sent inland. Specimens are collected and many sketches made.
  29 Fri. Cook and Green observe “emersion” of satellite of Jupiter. Eventually accurate longitude of Endeavour River is calculated.
Jul. 14 Sat. Lt. Gore shoots a kangaroo.
  17 Tue. Observes satellite of Jupiter again.
Aug. 4 Sat. Warps Endeavour out of river and sails. Sights Cape Bedford.
  5 Mon. Passes Turtle Reef.
  10 Fri. Sights Low Wooded Isle, South Direction, North Direction and Lizard Islands and Two Isles. Cook thinks Endeavour is through the Reef. Passes Cape Flattery. Still within Reef.
  11 Sat. Anchors and lands at Point Lookout. Sights Howick Islands.
  12 Sun. Visits and stays overnight on Lizard Island. Looks for passage through Reef.
  13 Mon. Leaves Island. Lands on Eagle Island.
  14 Tue. Through (Cook) Passage. Finally clears the Reef and sails north.
  16 Thu. Almost driven aground on Reef.
  17 Fri. Anchors within Reef, having entered through Providential Channel. Sights Cape Weymouth and Bay.
  18 Sat. Sails.
  19 Sun. Anchors. Sights Forbes Islands, Bolt Head (mainland), Cape Grenville, Shelburne Bay, Orfordness, Temple Bay, Sir Charles Hardy’s Isles and Cockburn’s Isles (Home Islands = Gore, Orton, Hicks, Perry, Harvey and Clerke).
  20 Mon. Sights Bird Islands (Cockburn Islands), Halfway Island, East Islets.
  21 Tue. Off Bushy Island. Sights Cape York (northernmost point of Continent), Newcastle Bay and York Isles.
  22 Wed. Anchors. Lands with Banks and Solander and party on Possession Island and takes possession of the whole Eastern Coast of New Holland in the name of King George III, naming it New South Wales. Sails, and enters Endeavour Straits, passes Cape Cornwall and Prince of Wales Island and Wallice (Wallis’) Island. Sets course westward.
  23 Thu. Passes Rothesay Banks, sights Booby Island.
  24 Fri. Anchors. Loses anchor.
  25 Sat. Recovers anchor. Sails. Sights Cook Reef.
  26 Sun. Anchors near Cook Shoal. Sails.
  29 Wed. Off New Guinea (Habeeke Island) and (Frederick Hendrik Island).
  31 Fri. Off (False Cape).
Sep. 3 Mon. Anchors and lands at Cook’s Bay. Sails and heads for Java.
  5 Wed. Sights Karang and Enoe (Aru Islands).
  6 Thu. Off Tanimbar Islands.
  11 Tue. Off Timor.
  16 Sun. Between Rotte/Roti and Seman Islands.
  17 Mon. Sights Savu Island. Lt. Gore lands.
  18 Tue. Anchors at Savu.
  19 Wed. Meets Governor and King. Goes ashore.
  21 Fri. Sails from Savu.
Oct. 1 Mon. Sights Java Head. Princes Island and Krakatoa. Into Sunda Strait.
  2 Tue. Off Anger Point, Thwart-the-Way Island, Bantam (St.Nicholas) Pt.
  4 Thu. Anchors off Pulo Morock.
  11 Thu. Anchors at Batavia after anchoring and sailing some 13 times during the passage from Java Head. Begins negotiations with the Dutch authorities to repair and supply Endeavour. Endeavour is emptied, careened and refitted.
Nov. 7 Wed. (or 5th.?). Mr. Monkhouse, surgeon, dies. Malaria and dysentery is rampant in Batavia.
  6 Sat. Sails and anchors in Batavia Roads.
  26 Wed. Sails from Batavia Roads. 7 men have died during stay in Batavia (Mr. Monkhouse; John Reynolds, Mr. Green’s servant;Tupia and his servant Tarheto; and three seamen).
  27 Thu. Off Edam Island, Duffins Island.


Jan. 1 Tue. Anchors off Sumatra shore. Sails.
  6 Sun. Anchors off Princes Island. Provisions the ship, etc.
  16 Wed. Sails from Princes Island, clears Sunda Strait, heads for Cape.
  24 Thu. Corporal John Truslove, marine, dies.
  25 Fri. Herman Sporing, Finnish naturalist, dies. [Paul originally wrote Swedish, probably as Finland was ruled by Sweden at the time]
  26 Sun. Sydney Parkinson, artist, and John Ravenhill, sailmaker, die.
  29 Tue. Charles Green, astronomer, dies.
  30 Wed. Samuel Moody and Francis Haite, carpenters, die.
  31 Thu. John Thompson, cook, Benjamin Jordan, carpenter’s mate, James Nicholson and Archibald Wolfe, seamen, die.
Feb. 2 Sat. Daniel Roberts. gunner’s servant, dies.
  3 Sun. John Thurman, sailmaker’s assistant, dies.
  4 Mon. John Bootie, midshipman, and John Gathrey, Boatswain, die.
  6 Wed. Jonathan Monkhouse, midshipman, dies.
  12 Tue. John Satterley, carpenter, dies.
  14 Thu. Alexander Lindsey, seaman, dies.
  15 Fri. Daniel Preston, marine, dies.
  21 Thu. Alexander Simpson, seaman, dies.
  27 Wed. Henry Jeffs, Manoel Pereira, Peter Morgan and seamen, die.
Mar. 5 Tue. Sights African coast.
  12 Tue. Off Cape Agulhas, rounds South Africa.
  13 Wed. Abreast Cape of Good Hope.
  14 Thu. Anchors in Table Bay.
  16 Sat. Moors ship at Cape Town. 4973 miles from Java Head.
Apr. 15 Mon. After overhauling Endeavour, sails from the Cape.
  16 Tue. Robert Molineaux, Master, dies.
  29 Mon. Crosses Greenwich Meridian. Thus completes circumnavigation of Earth in westerly direction.
May 1 Wed. Anchors at Jamestown, St. Helena.
  5 Sun. Sails from St. Helena Road with HMS Portland and 12 Indiamen.
  10 Fri. Sights Ascension Island, passes log books and papers to HMS Portland, which arrives home three days earlier than Endeavour.
  15 Wed. Observes eclipse of Sun.
  26 Sun. Lt. Zachary Hicks, Second Lieutenant, dies.
Jul. 10 Wed. Sights Scilly Isles and Land’s End. 7406 miles from Cape Town.
  11 Tue. Off The Lizard.
  12 Fri. Off Portland Bill, Beachy Head and Dover.
  13 Sat. Anchors in The Downs. Cook lands at Deal.
  16 Tue. Endeavour in Gallion’s Reach, and is eventually docked at Woolwich
  17 Wed. Cook goes to report to the Admiralty, and returns to his home at Mile End. Commences Reports to Admiralty and Royal Society.
Aug. 11 Sun. Receives news of his promotion to Commander from Banks and the Earl of Sandwich.
  14 Wed. Cook is presented by Sandwich to King George III at St. James’s. Palace and receives his Commission, personally, from the King. Returns to Mile End.
  17 Sat. Writes letter to John Walker of Whitby, his former employer.


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David, thank you for your interesting enquiry. Please can you tell me the name of the printer of the book. You will find this on the title page, at the bottom of the page. And one other question, how many pages are in your book? If you can let me know the answers to these questions I should be able to answer your enquiry.
By Cliff Thornton on 4/16/2022 10:11:28 PM Like:0 DisLike:0
profile photo
Hello, My Question is, I have a 1st voyage round the world printed in 1771. The leather cover has seen better days But I believe it to be 100% genuine. What would be a sure fire way to validate the book (I wouldn't want to send it anywhere, but maybe there is a publishers' mark or ???) and is there any interest in the society for this book if everything checked out, I'm coming to your society first! I look forward to your response and I thank you in advance. Sincrerly, David
By David on 4/16/2022 4:48:15 PM Like:0 DisLike:0
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Dominic, you will find the answer to your questions on the following page of this website
The interesting thing is that in three years sailing away from England, Cook did not loose one man to scurvy. The loss of crew as Endeavour crossed the Indian Ocean was due to the contaminated fresh drinking water taken on board at Batavia.
By Cliff Thornton on 11/14/2019 9:48:45 AM Like:0 DisLike:1
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How many People left at the start of the Voyage in 1768 on the Endeavour, and how many People died before the Endeavour docked again back in England?
By Dominic on 11/12/2019 12:19:34 PM Like:0 DisLike:1
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I didn't read all of this! That's for sure, he sure did travel a long way. Amazing work.
By Anneka Loretta on 6/10/2019 3:32:28 AM Like:0 DisLike:1
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Sophie, Captain Cook's journal has been published, it was edited by the NZ professor J C Beaglehole. You may be able to find a copy via your local library, but it is rather large book. This book has not yet been published on-line, so you cannot read it via the WWW. But the good news is that you can read Captain Cook's own handwritten journal, which is available on-line. Go to
Scroll down the page and click on item 41 which is Cook's journal on the Endeavour voyage.
You do not have to read every page, you can jump to October 1769 when he arrived at New Zealand. You might find it difficult to read his writing, but after a while it becomes easier.
By Cliff Thornton on 2/24/2018 9:55:51 AM Like:2 DisLike:4
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Hi, I’m wondering where I can find a copy of Captain Cook’s journal during his first voyage to New Zealand, can anyone help me?
By Sophie on 2/22/2018 9:54:00 AM Like:2 DisLike:5
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Loretta, the term "captain" is used by some people to signify the person who is in command of a ship, even though that person may not hold the rank of Captain. This also applies to Captain Cook, who never actually held the rank of Captain in the Royal Navy, as in 1775, on returning from his second voyage, he was promoted from Commander to Post Captain.
By Cliff Thornton on 6/27/2017 8:11:51 AM Like:4 DisLike:6
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When cook was made commander on August 11th 1771, did that mean he could then officially be called Captain cook.
By Loretta Sullivan on 6/12/2017 3:31:18 PM Like:3 DisLike:8
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I love history
By Riley on 5/25/2017 12:31:10 AM Like:13 DisLike:11

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