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Australia's most exciting and imaginative Bicentennial project is the recreation of Lieutenant Cook's historic ship H.M. Bark Endeavour.

It is being sponsored by Bond Corporation Holdings Limited at a cost of $12 million, and was announced on 13 November 1987. Mr. Alan Bond said "Bond Corporation, as one of Australi's most active companies, thought it appropriate to make a significant gift to the nation in 1988."

The authentic replica will be built to exacting detail from researched plans and drawings. Construction of the hull at the America's Cup Defence facilities site in Fremantle will take more than two years. Endeavour's hull will be launched at Xmas 1989. By June 1990 she will be ready for sea trials before a triumphal voyage to Sydney, taking in at least 16 ports of call on the way.

Her building will be a very public process with the public able to view every phase of construction from the laying of the keel to the crafting of the ornamental carvings on her stem and stern. The Fremantle boatshed will have excellent viewing and information facilities for visitors.

From information supplied by Riemer Brouwer

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 641, volume 12, number 1 (1989).

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