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Sydney Parkinson: Artist of Cook's Endeavour Voyage Carr, D. J. 1983


Carr 1983 Sydney Parkinson: Artist of Cook's Endeavour Voyage
Edited by D.J. Carr. Published by Croom Helm with the British Museum (Natural History), 1983.
This is a de-luxe book, and sufficient superlatives and colourful adjectives cannot be found to describe it.
Everything is included in this large volume in the way of explanatory texts which accompany over 250 plates, nearly all of them executed by Parkinson as original drawings and paintings. The chapters correspond to the main areas in which discoveries were made. Much of the original material is still available for inspection at the British Museum (Natural History). A substantial proportion of the plates are in full colour, and included with them is information about the current whereabouts of the original material.
Expensive? Yes. But well worth saving up for a feat of illustration; a treasure to keep that will delight all those interested in the Natural History background of the First Voyage.
Reviewer: Paul Capper
Originally published in Cook's Log, page 410, volume 9, number 1 (1986).

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Second-hand copies of this book, and others, are available from online sites such as www.abebooks.com
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Is a copy of this book still available and at what cost. Thank you, regards Alan
By Alan Hornsby on 11/25/2014 9:57:07 PM Like:1 DisLike:0

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