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Stockton’s Endeavour Replica - Part 2


Stockton's recent bid for government cash under the City Challenge scheme (see page 860) has been successful.

Builders merchant James Atkinson plans to create a full scale replica of the Endeavour on Stockton's waterfront. He plans pleasure trips on the river and a sail training schooner for 11 to 16 year olds.


It is all part of the multi-million pound Castlegate Quay project aiming to make the quayside a popular place for tourists. The scheme relies on plans by the Deeside Development Corporation to build a barrage on the River Tees which will raise water levels permanently.


Mr Atkinson is injecting £3 million into the project and providing a £70,000 passenger boat, which will double as an emergency boat.


Mr Arthur Chance, who lives in the grounds of Upsall Hall, Nunthorpe, has raised £35,000 to buy a 32ft cruiser with the help of the Cleveland ROTAFAC Trust. He plans to use it as a floating school to teach people with special needs about sailing.

The 150 ft replica of the Endeavour will cost £1 million, half being provided by City Challenge, the rest to be raised by the public. The hull of the ship is to be towed into Stockton and anchored there before next September. Local craftsmen on training schemes will complete the work on the ship ready for its use as a training vessel. It is also planned to hold "theme" evenings so that local industry can use the facilities to entertain foreign visitors.

From information supplied by
Marjorie Simpson

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 889, volume 16, number 1 (1993).

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Hi Loretta, the above article was published in 1993, before the Teesside replica of the Endeavour was built. I believe that the external dimensions of the ship's hull matched those of the original, although she was built of steel and not wood. I wonder if the dimension, as mentioned in the above article, was intended to include the length of the bow-sprit?
By Cliff Thornton on 7/9/2018 8:49:23 PM Like:0 DisLike:0
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The article above says that a replica of the Endeavour is to be built and it will be 150 ft long. If this is the case this replica will not be an exact replica being much longer than the original Endeavour.
Please advise
By Loretta Sullivan on 7/9/2018 4:19:09 PM Like:0 DisLike:0

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