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Sailing aboard from Newport, Rhode Island to Boston


The Endeavour Replica - Sailing aboard from Newport, Rhode Island to Boston

Recently, I had the opportunity to sail on the Endeavour Replica. Certainly readers of Cook's Log are no strangers to the voyages of the Endeavour Replica and, hopefully, more than a few have had a chance either to visit or sail on her. I had that chance and accompanied her from Newport, Rhode Island to Boston, Massachusetts during the early part of August, 1998.

Rather than reproduce my entire journal, I thought some might be interested in a recap from a Yankee's perspective.

We had a great sail - one of the best on her American tour. Of the total distance covered of 262 nautical miles, 231 of them were under sail. The weather varied from brilliant blue skies to dense fog to rain. Sailing up the East coast of Cape Cod (which holds more ship wrecks per mile than any other place in our country) during the middle watch in the fog is both thrilling and eerie.

After experiencing the frustrations of trying to get a square-rigger to sail where wind and shore opposes, I certainly gained greater appreciation of the problems Cook faced when trying to land on a windward shore.

Two things special happened as we sailed into Boston Harbor. First, the Endeavour sailed up to the USS Constitution to pay her respects. It was quite thrilling to witness our nation's most famous ship next to the replica of, arguably, the world's most famous ship. And the roar of the Endeavour's cannons in those close quarters was almost deafening.

Then, as we pulled along side of our berth, we were met by the Mayor of Boston in the USA, Tom Menino, and the Mayor of Boston in the United Kingdom, Councilor Alan Day. In fact, several members of the voyage crew came over from Boston, UK just for the event.

All in all, a most memorable voyage.


Werner Schuele

Originally published in Cook's Log, page 1581, volume 22, number 1 (1999).

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